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He buys a Lamborghini thanks to the covid and ends up in jail

An American who embezzled aid money during the coronavirus crisis and offered himself a Lamborghini was caught by the courts.

Misappropriation of funds

An American was recently overtaken by justice on being convicted of fraud and money laundering. The so-called Lee Price III had indeed had the good idea of embezzle money from government assistance. This was first set up for companies that were victims of the coronavirus crisis hitting the world, and to which the United States has obviously not escaped. This case caused a stir when he was arrested by the authorities in August 2020.

Nice jackpot

For several months, he managed to set up a scam earning him a total of 1,6 million de dollars. The aid he fraudulently benefited from was initially intended to help companies in difficulty during the pandemic.

With this money, he was able to lead the good life for a while and did not hesitate to spend lavishly. He notably bought a Lamborghini Urus

, but the Italian SUV is not its only driving pleasure. He also offered himself a Ford F-350 at $ 85,000, a top-of-the-range copy and any option! He was also able to buy a Rolex and spent a good chunk of his fortune in strip clubs.


Unmasked, he was recently tried and has sentenced to 110 months in prison, that is to say a 9 years and 2 months. No indication has been given on a possible reimbursement of the amount collected but there is a good chance that it will be also hit with a substantial fine.

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