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He transforms the pavilion of his X6 M into a starry Rolls sky

This YouTuber decided to install a starry roof sky in his BMW X6 M. Its production is long and tedious but the result is worth it!

Who doesn’t dream of having a star-spangled flag in their car? This equipment has been viewed for the first time on a Rolls-Royce. Surprisingly, it has not since been really copied by other manufacturers.

A handyman and determined YouTuber

If there are kits on the internet, this owner of a BMW X6 M visibly undergoing reconstruction (the interior is partially emptied) decided to make the roof of these dreams come true on her own. Creator of the SalvageMasterV YouTube channel, he was able to share with us the main stages in the development of his own headliner.

It indicates that the chosen kit does not contain less than 850 fiber optic wires. An impressive number but nevertheless necessary to cover the pavilion evenly. Little more, it will be possible, once everything is finished, to make it shine in any colorr, at different intensities or to make it flash in rhythm with the music!

From the video, it appears that all the installation work, if it requires some knowledge to remove the headliner, is not particularly difficult. On the other hand it turns out particularly meticulous and above all very long!

A stunning result!

To insert the 850 fiber optic wires it is therefore necessary to drill 850 holes in the Alcantara of the roof of the X6 after marking them all. It is then logically necessary to pass each wire individually and then cut them flush so that it remains discreet during the day, when the device is switched off. Finally, it was necessary to ensure that no strand interferes with the reinstallation of the pavilion. A real titanic job!

In the end, the many hours spent in his garage paid off! Once lit, the result is really impressive and the YouTuber looks at least as happy as us.

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