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Lia Block and the Mustang Hoonicorn VS a 4000 hp Corvette

If the Mustang Hoonicorn develops 1,400 hp, it finds itself facing a Corvette of 4,000 hp! Even with Lia Block at the wheel, the task promises to be difficult.

Last year, the Hoonigan team chose to show the value of 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR used by Ken Block in his Gymkhanas. For this, she performed several drag races in the series Hoonicorn vs The World. Today the American company has decided to put the cover back for a season 2!

A strong opponent!

In the first episode, we can say that the muscle car attacks heavy, even very heavy! Indeed, the first adversary of the Mustang RTR is neither more nor less than a Corvette specially prepared for drag racings. And behind the wheel of the Mustang, we find Lia Block, the daughter of Ken Block, aged only 14!

The NHRA Corvette is presented and driven by Alex, a top racer who uses this car to relax on weekends. The HEMI engine has been extensively reworked for produce the insane power of 4000 hp!

The assembly is transmitted to the rear wheels only via a 3-speed transmission. The most incredible is that it specifies that this unit works… without coolant. Everything is only cooled in the air thanks in particular to a fan rotating more than twice as fast as the motor.

More favorable conditions for Ford?

The Hoonicorn, despite a power of 1,400 hp Today looks pale, but she still has some arguments in her favor. First of all, all-wheel drive allowing all of its ponies to pass more efficiently to the ground. The ground, moreover, is not an official drag race track and is therefore not covered with a bitumen with superior grip. A point that still favors the Ford coupe.

We let you discover the result of this dantesque race in video!

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