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The first Subaru Impreza STI V12!

A crazy Canadian has decided to replace the original 3.0 4-cylinder in his Subaru Impreza STI with a 5.0 V12 which he will bring to a minimum of 1000 hp.

Subaru is known for its engines 4 flat cylinders, especially for the one driving its Impreza, the former glory of rallying. This has evolved well and its turbo unit now develops 300 hp. But a 4-cylinder may seem lacking in nobility. Never mind, some have found the solution …

Unique Impreza V12

A certain Jonathan Proux, living in Canada, has in fact decided to take the flat four 3.0 out of its Impreza STI to replace it with a… V12! The 12 cylinder comes from a Toyota Century, a large sedan produced primarily for Japan. This competitor of the Mercedes S-Class and other Audi A8s is the only Japanese model existing in V12.

Surprisingly, the big Asian engine with 5 liters of displacement does not have the extra horsepower since it peaks at only 280 hp

. But the owner has big plans for the future. He has indeed declared to wish graft him a pair of turbochargers and strengthen it. This should allow this unique Impreza STI to develop “A minimum of 1000 hp” ! The original mechanical gearbox had to give way to a 7-speed automatic DCT unit from a BMW 335i E90.

A V12 and versatile rally car?

The end goal is to be able to use the Impreza V12 every day while being able to go and humiliate some opponents on weekend drag races.

Perhaps the most astonishing thing about this crazy project is that there was finally enough space under the hood of the Subaru to slip in a huge V12 engine.

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