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Honda HR-V test (2021): finally success in France?

The Honda HR-V is one of World’s best-selling SUVs. However, in France, he is unknown to the battalion. The fault, perhaps, with a style a little too tortured, or with a certain deficit of image of Honda in general in France. In short, for this new generation, Honda resumes everything. The style is now very refined, the interior is resolutely modern, and everything is only available in hybrid. Enough to get back in the peloton ? The answer in our video essay:

Neat ergonomics and good habitability

Inside, this new Honda HR-V is serious. If we forget the biton color of our trial version Advance Style, theset is classic as possible, with broad lines and right angles everywhere. However, this sobriety serves a very successful ergonomics. The air conditioning controls are real physical buttons, coupled to small screens. THE’9-inch central screen is responsive and comprehensive, and is joined by a small configurable display in the instrument cluster. The latter takes place to the left of a real analog meter.

Above all, behind, the space is generous. The Honda HR-V has a rather particular format : 10 cm taller than a Renault Captur, but 5 cm shorter than a Toyota C-HR. So he is on horseback between the urban SUV segment and the compact SUV segment. Compared to the latter, its trunk of just over 300 l is very small. But compared to urban SUVs, the place at the back is frankly royal, especially since the cellars are well designed. Finally, the famous Honda magic seats (with the seat that folds up) are part of the game. Practice !

At the wheel of the Honda HR-V: at ease in the city, less elsewhere

Under the hood, the Honda HR-V is only available in one engine in France: a 1.5 l hybrid. A four-cylinder is coupled to two small electric motors for a total of 131 ch. And this original set has the qualities and faults of a variator box. In town and at a steady pace, everything is very comfortable and can be forgotten. Especially since the HR-V favors electric motors at these speeds : the thermal block is only used if necessary to recharge the batteries. On the other hand, at a more sustained pace or in the revivals, the 1.5 petrol is made a little too present in the passenger compartment.

Too bad, since the soundproofing is also very successful, and this HR-V knows how to be considerate on holes and bumps. It is not the most comfortable in dynamic driving, but shines again in town, especially as the rear visibility is very good.

Verdict: pay attention to the prices

In short, this Honda HR-V takes care of its image and its occupants, thanks to a successful interior, an engine-frame assembly sweet especially in town, and consumption a priori reduced. But when paying the bill, beware of the bad surprise: at € 36,520, it is approximately € 2,000 more expensive than an equivalent Toyota C-HR (high finish, 122 hp), and 4,000 more expensive than a Renault Captur Hybrid (145 hp). This should unfortunately somewhat block the path to the success of this successful HR-V.

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