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BMW i4 test (2021): attacking the Tesla Model 3!

When you want to tackle a benchmark like the Tesla Model 3, you have to do things a little differently. The American is indeed one of the best-selling electric cars in the world, and often invites himself on the podium in all categories in Europe. To pick it up, BMW therefore decided to take the opposite of the futuristic sedan and minimalist. The BMW i4 is therefore a sedan ofvery classic appearance. But, on paper, she has it all compete with Model 3. For what result in real life? Discover the answer in our video test of the BMW i4 :

Inseparable from a thermal BMW 4 Series

This BMW i4 therefore plays discretion. Outside and inside, very clever which will be able to differentiate it from a Series 4 Grand Coupé thermal. Apart from a few discreet badges and touches of blue, nothing has changed compared to the latter. The grille is of course full, but still imposing. Inside, it’s almost the same story. The dashboard is changed, to adopt a band of two screens. The one behind the steering wheel measures 12.3 inches, the central screen 14.9 ″. The set is rather well thought out, and allows modernize an interior a bit which for the rest does not change the Series 4 thermal.

For the rest, the materials are rather flattering, even if some adjustment flaws tarnish a bit of a copy of this BMW. However, we are very well installed there, with impeccable ergonomics. The rear seats are on the other hand a little narrow, especially asan imposing bondage tunnel, inherited from the thermal version, almost prohibits the use of the central square. With 470 L, the trunk is correct, but nothing more. Tesla is doing much better.

At the wheel: a real BMW!

Our trial version was la BMW i4 eDrive40, equipped with a rear engine of 340 hp, and a battery of 80.7 kWh. And behind the wheel of this i4, we have to admit that we drive a real BMW. True, the weight is high (2.1 tons). Corn the dynamism of the chassis is very successful, the management is precise and provides a lot of information. The weight is finally forgotten, while the propulsion allows you to wind slightly at the exit of a curve. A real pleasure !

On the electrical side, the i4 has a series of good points with 590 km of autonomy announced, a “one-pedal” mode that allows you to drive in the city without using the brakes, and rapid charging up to 200 kW. Enough to take on Tesla, except that the prices are a little higher : at 63,350 € on our M Sport finish, it is closer to a Model 3 Performance in terms of price, but with a Great Range in terms of performance…

So there remains this pleasure of driving, and very sufficient autonomy: count about 500 km “in real life”. The reluctant to electric cars like spaceship will forgive him better its defects caused by the use of the thermal platform (small trunk, no front trunk, easement tunnel, weak roominess at the rear). In short, if you are looking for an electric sedan but the Tesla approach bothers you, this BMW i4 is a very credible alternative.

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