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Nissan Caravan: two van concepts designed for travel

The Caravan is splurging! At the next Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan will exhibit two stylish concept cars based on this minivan.

the Nissan Caravan is not very well known in Europe. This by, with the style characteristic of small Japanese utility vehicles, has nevertheless continued its career for nearly 50 years. It is marketed since 1973 although it has now changed its name today to become the NV350. In short, nothing exciting. Except that the manufacturer will reveal two concept cars, close to the converted van, at the next car show in Tokyo. With a neo-retro style of the most beautiful effect.

The all-terrain motorhome!

The first concept is called ” Mountain Base“. Rather than worrying about sleeping, this Caravan focuses on hiking. The body is painted black with a matte finish and the front, more aggressive, incorporates headlights on the sides. We even find a led light bar just above the wide windshield. Its adventurous look is further enhanced by the tires All Terrain.

The most attractive, however, are these wood panels completely covering the sides of the van, to which solar panels are added to the windows to have energy during expeditions. These act as helpers for the main panel. The latter can be deployed on the roof via a sliding bar system. AT inside

of the vehicle, a kitchenette, a television and a box spring guarantee a minimum of comfort. the drink is also present on most surfaces, almost suggesting a miniature chalet.

A 5-star room or almost

The concept Caravan « Myroom » goes in a diametrically opposite direction. The exterior of the vehicle is discreet (white paint, no chrome) and tinted windows. As the name suggests, this prototype was designed to be a cozy place to spend time with family and friends.

As a result, the interior received specific preparation. The wood is still used to brighten the mood while a large double bed is positioned in the center. The van is also equipped with a couch and numerous cupboards without obstructing the space behind the cabin. The layout, in such a small vehicle, is crisp and invites you to travel. It remains to be seen whether these ideas will remain abstract or take the form of a serial product.

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