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Audi RS 3 test (2021): the happiness of 5 cylinders!

In 2021, Audi presents its all-new RS 3. But, surprise, the brand with the rings did not give in to the pressures of the penalty and other CO2 scales: the magic 5 cylinders is always in the game! Better: the manufacturer now supports it withan active differential at the rear, which promises a more playful chassis. So what is this new generation Audi RS 3 really worth, probably the last one equipped with the 5 cylinder? The answer in our video essay here:

Audi RS 3: almost discreet!

If our test model didn’t feature the famous “Kyalami Green”, the new Audi RS 3 wouldn’t really make waves on the streets. Of course, the aerodynamic details give it a lot of charisma: puffed up wings, aggressive shield, diffuser … But we are far from the flashy image of its rival of always, the Mercedes A45 AMG. It’s a bit the same on the inside. Some body color details stand out this RS 3, but the rest exudes seriousness and quality. Except perhaps this lower part of the central console, the plastic of which is disappointing. We would also like the spoilers to provide better support, especially when we know the potential of the beast in turns

Still, this Audi RS 3 is very docile on a daily basis. Especially since our test model is equipped with optional piloted suspensions, which allow a more flexible damping to be selected. In Comfort mode, the engine is almost forgotten. The double-clutch gearbox hangs a bit in maneuvering, but remains smooth once in motion.

Faster than an Audi R8 V10!

But everyday commuting is fine, but it’s not really this mini-Hulk’s playground! I have to say that the new Audi RS 3 packs a punch. The power remains unchanged at 400 hp, but the torque gains 20 Nm to reach 500 Nm all round. And they are there: Audi announces 3.8 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km / h, we measured it at 3.7 seconds in far from ideal conditions. That’s faster than a first generation Audi R8 V10 …

And when the bends come (and they come quickly), the Audi RS 3 takes the opportunity to get everyone to agree. L’efficiency is impressive, and, thanks to the piloted differential, the rear axle can now wind slightly when exiting a curve. We still do not feel in a propulsion, but the whole is more fun than previous generations. On the other hand, do not expect untimely drifts at each turn: the limits of grip are so high that it seems very difficult to unbolt this RS 3.

Watch out for the penalty …

But you can still enjoy this five-cylinder at the top of its art. the his is present inside, even if it is more discreet outside than in the past. And this unique melody accompanies a thrust that only runs out of steam at shameful gaits. In short, a pleasure that it is difficult not to abuse. But when everything calms down, including the driver, and we exit the configurable RS mode, the Audi RS 3 resumes its role as an almost innocuous compact, silent and comfortable. Amazing.

There remains, of course, the question of the price. This new Audi RS 3 is billed at € 69,300 for the Sportback version. But a few options obviously weigh heavily in the wallet, which is then knocked out by the penalty of € 17,490. The whole thing can increase the bill to more than 100,000 €… An expensive Audi RS 3 therefore paid, but for a unique pleasure, and endangered.

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