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Electric motorcycle 2022: Damon Hyperfighter, the Canadian super roadster

Following his first electric sports motorcycle, Damon spends the second with a Hyperfighter roadster presented at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

Damon is a new brand of electric motorcycles born in Vancouver, Canada. Initially, she unveiled its first Hypersport machine in January 2020, at CES in Las Vegas. For the 2022 edition, it returns with a new motorcycle, the Hyperfighter.

Inspiration Ducati

With its motley yellow and black fairing, the racing car seems to be the cross between a Transformers and a wasp. However, she is typical roadster with an extended wheelbase and high ground clearance, clearly aimed at the Ducati Streetfighter. Aggressive without wanting to be futuristic, the Damon hides its electric motor well. Well almost, because the absence of exhaust gives a good clue, and the brand plays with an engine with a golden appearance like the Italian.

Under the monohull and in front of the double swingarm, the rivalry takes shape more with two versions. The Unlimited 15 has 150 horsepower and the Unlimited 20 has 200 horsepower, for a torque greater than 200 Nm. Not enough to make a flying motorcycle, but the Hyperfighter speeds up the 0-100 km / h in barely 3 seconds, and is familiar with the 274 km / h at maximum speed (241 km / h in 150 hp). It is not of much interest on the road, but will delight circuit enthusiasts.

Up to 235 kilometers per charge

Damon Hyperfighter battery unites with the engine. Located at the lowest between the 17-inch wheels to lower the center of gravity, and liquid-cooled, it opts for lithium-ion cells with 21700 architecture

(like a Tesla Model 3).

This is where we understand the names of the versions, because the Unlimited 15 inherits a capacity of 15 kWh, against 20 kWh for the Unlimited 20. They respectively provide a range of 193 and 235 kilometers between two charges depending on the brand. 2 hours is enough to fill to 90% on 240 V outlet or 45 minutes via rapid recharge.

Damon soon in France!

Damon does not only in performance or autonomy, but also in innovation. The machine accepts two different positions, via a simple button : comfort and longer length forward for dynamic driving.

Thanks to the cameras and radars of the “Copilot” system, the motorcycle detects the danger then warns its rider. To warn him of the risk, it sends vibrations into the handles as well as a light signal in the windshield and dashboard.

Available in the United States, the Damon Hyperfighter Unlimited 15 is priced at $ 19,000 (16,720 euros), and 25,000 dollars in Unlimited 20 (22,000 euros). A third Colossus version brings Brembo brakes, Öhlins suspensions, and specific rear wheels, for a total of 35,000 dollars (30,800 euros).

The brand does not yet say it will be launched in France, but Hypersport will be present from 2022 in Europe.

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