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Fire: 60 times more risk in a thermal car than in an electric car?

Analysis of fire data reveals that gasoline and diesel cars are much more likely to catch fire than their battery-powered counterparts.

With each copy of an electric car on fire, the buzz is guaranteed. Photos or videos travel the planet, reminders are issued and some point to the dangerousness of batteries. After Allianz asserting that electric cars are not more dangerous, another analysis goes much further.

The end of prejudice with facts

The American insurance site AutoInsuranceEZ tries to compare what is comparable. He collected the US vehicle fire data in 2020, and sorted according to the type of engine.

The conclusion is clear. Electric cars are the least risky, with only 52 fires in absolute terms, and 2.51 per million sales. Gasoline and diesel cars are far, far from being more dangerous. Nearly 200,000 cases of fires were recorded, a ratio of 153 per million sales. The thermal risk is thus 60 times higher than in electric!

Another statistic, hybrid cars are even more prone to fires. With 16,051 incidents in raw data, these vehicles represent 347 cases per million. This is 2.3 times more than thermal and 150 times more than electric.

Know that the ratio is calculated based on sales, not the number of vehicles on the road, which would be more appropriate. In recalculant

(without data on hybrids), we get 70 fires per thermal vehicle compared to 4 for electric, or 17.5 times more. Nuance however, all these values ​​are the result of a year and a single country.

Electrical fires are different

If the numbers are explicit, thermal and electric car fires are of the opposite nature.

As an example, The Chevrolet Bolt made the news at the end of 2021. The authorities encountered 17 fires, some of which resulted in injuries. The difference is that the fire started while parked, following overheating of the battery. In gasoline or diesel, the vast majority of fire breaks out while driving or in the event of a major accident. The incident forced the recall of 142,000 copies, and many car parks have banned this model.

Electric car fires are also more difficult to master. The reason is that the materials consumed are different, and the fire spreads from cell to cell. Appearing overpowered, he may start again due to the heat released by the battery. He also lacks specific training for firefighters, must use a suitable method and extinguishers.

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