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Nuro: a truly efficient autonomous delivery vehicle?

Nuro, the autonomous vehicle that seems perfect. Packed with technology and compact, it would soon be ready to hit the road.

The company of autonomous vehicles Nuro unveiled the third generation of its vehicle. Completely autonomous, it is designed for large-scale delivery. The startup based in Mountain View, California, hopes to expand its services to millions of people across the country. Thanks, among other things, to a partnership with the automobile manufacturer WORLD and its American subsidiary.

Convenient and fast!

Simply called Nuro, this project is described as the most advanced unoccupied vehicle designed by the company to date. This one is designed to carry more cargo – it offers twice the cargo volume of its predecessor – and allows for more deliveries. Its top speed, for example, is 72 km/h.

But the most interesting is hidden under the body. Its compartments can hold a total of 760 dm3 d’articles, the equivalent of what an XXL minivan offers. The four-wheeled robot can thus support nearly 225 kg. In addition, it includes temperature-controlled compartments : the goods can be stored cold or warm. Everything is customizable or almost according to the client companies.

Designed for pedestrians

The Nuro is also designed for protect the pedestrians and the cyclists. Security enhancements include a exterior airbag front to protect people in the event of an accident, as well as a series of active systems. Cameras, radars, lidars and thermal cameras allowing a 360 degree view of the environment.

The start-up has thus embarked on the project, third generation it should be remembered. About 35 000 000 € were disbursed in the new manufacturing plant (work started in November 2021) and the test track. Nuro’s facilities in southern Nevada are expected to be fully operational this year, enabling the company to build and test tens of thousands of delivery vehicles per year.

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