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Patak Rodster: the crisp retro from the Czech Republic

The project of the new Czech brand Patak is to launch a compact roadster by 2024, with the possibility of choosing between electric motor and gasoline.

Finding a modern, fully-equipped, electric 5-seater car with good range is easy given the current offer. For lovers of old-fashioned cars and sobriety, it’s more complicated.

But a model is making its way in the Czech Republic. This is the Patak wanting combine compact dimensions, less raw materials, “Fun and timeless” while aiming for the home’s second car. The result: a retro DeVinci-style car, in mini size.

The Patak ready for 2024

the project was born in November 2020 on the drawing boards. In July 2021, Patak attacked his digital 3D model, before a life-size prototype in August. This had an engine of 15 kW (20 hp) of power. Depending on the brand, it provided “Sufficient flexibility and dynamic performance” despite the 450 kg of the set. This is where the Rodster concluded its final width of 1.40 meters to accommodate two people. The length was set at 3.33 meters, which is 40 cm shorter than a Dacia Spring.

In October, the final Patak Rodster was born on computer and then unveiled in 3D imagery. For the real car, we will have to wait for the tests in June 2022. Following its approval by the Czech authorities in 2023, production will start in August 2024 before deliveries in November. Everything is definitely ready at Patak!

Thermal and electric versions

In its in-house chassis, the Roadster leaves the choice between gasoline and electric. Only data, a power limited to 20 hp to remain a light vehicle with regard to European regulations. In electric, two batteries are available, at range of 100 and 250 kilometers (4 and 9 hour recharge).

The machine also has two body variants Rodster NR sans toit, et Rodster simple with foldable soft top. The Spartan cabin will have meager equipment, with all the same air conditioning, electric windows and reversing radar.

Reservations for the Patak Rodster have already started in order to finance the project. You have to pay 500 euros to put aside one of the first copies. The price starts at 16,900 euros for the gasoline version without roof, and 18,400 euros with. In electric, you have to pay at least 22,900 euros, or even 25,400 euros with the large battery.

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