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Mitsubishi K-EV: here is its very first electric kei-car!

Just because Mitsubishi has stopped its activities in Europe does not mean that the brand no longer exists. Far from there. Still active, the brand continues to develop new models, as evidenced by the K-EV Concept presented during the Tokyo Motor Show. It is a Kei-car developed for the Japanese domestic market.

In the land of the rising sun, regulations allow cars under 3.40 m and an engine of up to 660 CC to benefit from favorable taxation. Recently, local legislation has adapted to the evolution of the automobile by integrating electrical mechanics. Although the Japanese are very cautious about this new technology.

Assertive style

Very popular in Japan, this niche is occupied by many local builders including Mitsubishi. The latter has also announced that he will present the K-EV Concept at the next Tokyo Motor Show, a prototype which will eventually lead to a serial model.

Based on ek-x, this short, narrow and tall car is distinguished by an adventurous style. Its two-tone paint (copper and white) gives it a lot of character, as does its very vertical front face in the shape of an “X”. For the moment, Mitsubishi has not communicated no numbers

regarding its engine. One can imagine that the autonomy will not be enormous given the small size of the car, preventing the installation of a large battery.

The return

Being part of the Alliance with Renault-Nissan, Mitsubishi could very well turn to Nissan to borrow its electric technology. We should also remember that Mitsubishi will be doing its big comeback in Europe next year with models using Renault’s technique.

For a good financial profitability, the diamond firm must more than ever develop synergies. It is vital.

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