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News: the future Peugeot 3008 is unveiled

The dazzling success of the 3008 has made it a real “cash machine” for Peugeot, which is nevertheless already preparing its replacement. This one will be careful not to upset the loyal clientele too much by its style, in the continuity of the current one. However, it will be based on a brand new platform and will offer an unprecedented range of engines.


launch : September 2023

Length : about 4.50m

Petrol engine : 130 ch

Plug-in hybrids: 180, 250 and 300 hp

Electrical: 240 and 410 hp

Prices : from €33,000 *

* Auto Plus estimate.


It’s no longer a victory, it’s a plebiscite! Since its launch in 2016, the current 3008 has never been dethroned from the top of the compact SUV hierarchy. Better: it managed to climb onto the sales podium in France, in 2017 and 2018, just behind the very popular Peugeot 208 and Renault Clio! Never-seen… And enough to put the leaders of the lion brand in their little shoes: how to replace such a best-seller without risking an industrial accident? In any case, there is no question of procrastinating, because the competition is heating up. In particular Renault which, after the semi-failure of the Kadjar, takes advantage of the good start of the Arkana and prepares an Austral with much higher ambitions. Not to mention the Volkswagen Tiguan (whose replacement is expected at the end of 2023), or sharp-toothed rivals like the very recent Hyundai Tucson, a pleasant surprise in 2021. This is why the project for the third generation 3008 has been on the rails for long months, even if a real leaden screed fell on him: the available information is still scarce. But we already know that after the departure of chief designer Gilles Vidal (poached by Renault at the end of 2020), the initial project was reviewed. His successor, Matthias Hossann, was indeed instructed to calm down the design somewhat, to move towards more sobriety. A way of “Germanizing” Peugeot, while leaving more space for DS to express French-style originality.

The Lion, in a position of strength

The current 3008 has successfully materialized the emergence of a disruptive and dynamic Peugeot style, illustrated in particular by its famous luminous fangs. The next generation will capitalize on these strengths and take advantage of its new platform to offer more slender volumes. Note also the evolution of the daytime running lights, which should come in three sharp claws, a change announced by the recent hypercar 9X8.


The images of our illustrator allow to have an idea of ​​this design, more progressive than revolutionary. We find in particular the grille extending over the entire width of the front, but with refined optics and three vertical “claws” on each side instead of a single light strip. As for the shoulders, more assertive at the level of the wings, they visually seat the car, which should also gain a few centimeters in length. While the rear retains the principle of a transverse black band, this is thinner and the “claw” lights extend downwards. Finally, a more sloping rear window completes the slightly more elaborate shapes on the tailgate. In the passenger compartment, the future 3008 will use the principle of the i-Cockpit, but in its new version, which appeared on the 308. On the program: a capacitive steering wheel (to ensure that the driver keeps his hands on it when it uses the semi-autonomous driving system), 3D-effect instrumentation and virtual “i-Toggles”, customizable shortcuts for quick access to the main functions.



On the style side, therefore, the modifications remain timid. On the other hand, under the dress, everything changes! The future 3008 will indeed be based on a new platform, a profound evolution of the EMP2 which serves as the foundation for the current model. Called STLA Medium, this platform – shared with the other brands of the giant Stellantis – should help the group make the transition to 100% electric models. It will indeed be able to integrate both thermal and rechargeable hybrid or 100% electric powertrains. The 3008 will thus offer an unprecedented range of engines, and will most likely ignore diesel, whose market share continues to decline and which it would be too expensive to adapt to future Euro 7 pollution standards.

If the style changes little, under the dress, everything changes!

In essence, the 1.2 PureTech will benefit from a makeover. Still manufactured in Trémery (Moselle), it will receive chain distribution instead of the current belt bathed in oil (source of breakdowns) and light hybridization at 48 V, or even complete hybridization using a automatic transmission. electrified dual-clutch designed with the Belgian equipment manufacturer Punch Power-train. This transmission will also be used by plug-in hybrid versions, which will adopt a modernized version of the 1.6 PureTech.

As for the electric versions, they will use “made in France” motors and batteries: the first will be assembled in Trémery; the second, in Douvrin (Pas-de-Calais) by the joint venture ACC (bringing together Stellantis, Total Energies and Daimler). Electric blocks delivering 168 to 241 hp will be compatible with the platform. They can be combined in pairs to offer four-wheel drive models. This is what even makes it possible to dream of a 100% electric 3008 Peugeot Sport Engineered exceeding 400 hp! More prosaically, the STLA Medium platform will be able to accommodate large batteries: from 87 to 104 kWh in capacity. Enough to claim up to 700 km of autonomy! Like Tesla with its Superchargers or Ionity (bringing together BMW, Daimler, Ford and Hyundai), Stellantis also plans to develop its own fast charging network, with 5,000 terminals in 2025 and 35,000 by 2030. The group will then have completed its transition to (almost) all-electric, of which the 3008 will have been a spearhead.

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