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Toyota GR presents a GT3 Coupe concept car and the GRMN Yaris!

The Tokyo Motor Show was an opportunity for Toyota – and its subsidiary Gazoo Racing – to hit hard. On the program: a boosted Yaris and a racing concept car.

Toyota invests in new engines (remember the second generation Prius, released in 2004). But he doesn’t forget sport and competition, in particular with its recently renamed subsidiary “ Gazoo Racing“. the tokyo living room, which runs until January 16, brought together several new features. The GR Yaris finds itself radicalized for the track while a GT3 concept car attracts all eyes.

The ultimate Yaris?

The GRMN Yaris embeds the same three-cylinder 1.6 turbo, efficient and voluntary. This still develops 268 hp (according to Japanese specifications) but above all wins 20 Nm, or 390 Nm in total, compared to the classic model. This version also has mechanical differentials limited slip front and rear. Toyota had preferred Torsen differentials on the GR. Power is sent to all four wheels as always via a six-speed manual gearbox.

But the most important concerns the modifications of the frame. For example, there are 545 additional welding points compared to the GR Yaris, which improves the rigidity of the bodywork. Again Recaro bucket seats were also installed. For the rest, two packs of equipment are offered for sale. Unfortunately, the GRMN Yaris is reserved for the Japanese market… and distributed to only 500 clients in the country.

Rather “Circuit” or “Rally”?

Improvements to the kit Circuit are numerous: 18-inch BBS rims, improved braking, new Bilstein adjustable shock absorbers and a body kit. The latter includes a carbon fiber rear spoiler, extended side skirts and a new front splitter. According to Toyota, it weighs 20 kg less than the standard GR Yaris. As for the whole Rallye

, it includes other Toyota shock absorbers and stabilizer bars as well as a rollbar. This version would gain almost 30 kg!

But who says limited version, says “necessarily” exorbitant prices. GRMN Yaris begins around 55 000 €, or €20,000 more than a GR Yaris. And both sets further increase the revenue by €10,000 each. It’s starting to get expensive for a small city car under 300 hp…

A concept car without history

The other vehicle, the GR GT3 Concept, was built from zero. No base Supra or anything, this coupe takes on a design all its own. Up front, there’s a large grille and intriguing split headlights. The length of the bonnet makes the concept stand out even more and includes large air vents as well as scoops on the front wheel arches.

On the sides, we find the tailpipes integrated into the side skirts. Center-screen wheels are shod with slick tires Bridgestone. At the rear of the concept is a massive ‘pie scoop’ with gooseneck pillars (like the last generation 911 GT3). Toyota has also equipped its concept with a massive diffuser.

Also note that a second concept was present on the Toyota stand at the Tokyo show. baptized bZ4X GR Sport Concept, it is based on the manufacturer’s existing electric SUV. But it does have chunky rims, matte black body panels, and sport seats. Not enough to attract attention or to be mass produced, apparently.

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