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Italian style and American heart for this “Chevrolet Testarossa”

This convertible Corvette is unrecognizable since its transformation into Testarossa. However, it keeps its American roots with its original V8.

This fourth-generation 1989 Chevrolet Corvette convertible was having a happily ever after when it found itself engaged in an unexpected project. It has indeed become a copy of Ferrari Testarossa. Strange fate for this American who today adopts the Italian style.

A major transformation!

It is clear that the final achievement is rather faithful to the Italian sportswoman. But to achieve this result, many changes had to be made. The doors have been redesigned to accommodate the grilles so characteristic of the Ferrari, as are the side sills, as well as the front and rear fenders. The stern and bow have also been completely redesigned to look as much like the star of the 80s as possible. A new red paint has been applied, while the rims mimic those of the Ferrari.

In the cabin, a Momo steering wheel makes its appearance, just like a CD player with amp and 6HP, many wood veneers and new seats covered with towel


For a road behavior at the height, shock absorbers are now Monroe Formula GP and are combined with modified springs. There are also, among other things, revised suspension arms.

Italian style but American heart

If his style is now on the side of Italy, his heart remained in America. Under its hood is always the Chevrolet 5.7-liter V8. But he too has been reworked! Crankshaft and pistons are forged, the manifold is improved and the injectors have been replaced by larger models. The new power is not communicated but should logically exceed the 365 hp of the time. The transmission is still the 4-speed automatic box. It was nevertheless reinforced to cash the additional horses.

Recently sold at auction at an unknown price, however we know that his entire transformation cost $37,000, or about €32,000. The perfect Italian look has a price!

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