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Subaru STI E-RA: a 1,088 hp electric monster!

Subaru did not come empty-handed to the Tokyo show: here is the STI E-RA, an electric racing tray!

Subaru is loose! The Japanese manufacturer unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show the Subaru STI E-RA, a small prototype that overflows with watts.

And from the outside, Subaru announces the color. The E-RA TSI is clearly dedicated to the circuit. At the front, we notice the light signature of the brand, but above all a huge aerodynamic splitter. The cockpit is surmounted by an air intake, while a huge fin dominates the rear part. Hidden under the rear lighting, a diffuser does not go into detail. Finally, the indented sides make the spotlight is on aerodynamic appendages. In short, this is not a compact to go shopping!

And under the body of this Subaru STI E-RA, the technical part is not left out. Each wheel has its own electric motor. These latter have been developed with the engine manufacturer Yamaha, and total 1 088 ch ! Each motor can be controlled independently, to create a sort of controlled differential. Enough to allow exceptional agility, especially when exiting bends. The TSI E-RA will then be able to send more power to the outer wheels, to maximize grip.

Direction: the Nürburgring!

Subaru indicates that this system was inspired by the technical regulations of the future FIA ​​E-GT category, which should start in 2023. However, the STI E-RA will not be able to participate in the current state, since the FIA ​​limits the power to 577 hp

. But the nod to this category is probably not trivial. We can therefore imagine seeing Subaru land in FIA E-GT as soon as it is launched.

But that is not the stated purpose of this Subaru STI E-GT. Indeed, Subaru directly puts heading for the Nürburgring. The manufacturer announces that it is aiming for a lap time of “400 seconds”, i.e. 6mn 40s. Quite a respectable time, but fine far from the electric record, achieved by the Volkswagen ID.R in 6mn 05s in 2019. Officially, the fastest electric production car in the Nordschleife is the Tesla Model S Plaid, with a time of 7mn 36s. But it is difficult to imagine that the TSI E-RA is approved for the road.

In any case, it will be necessary to wait a little to be fixed on the capacities of the Subaru STI E-RA. The manufacturer announces first tests in the coming months, before an attempt at the Nürburgring in 2023.

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