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Narrowly saved just before his plane was blown up!

Police officers managed to save a pilot from his plane just before a train that was heading towards them pulverized him!

The fear of their life!

A spectacular video was recently posted on social media. We see the police pull a pilot from his plane just before a train hits him!

The accident, which could have been much more terrible, took place in the United States. In his misfortune, Cessna 172 pilot crashed not far from the area police station. This allowed police officers to get to the scene as quickly as possible and thus avoid the worst.

Police officers who risked their lives

Upon their arrival, they were able to see the deplorable state of the plane which had crashed on the rails. They were able to act quickly to evacuate the man who was alone on board. Several agents mobilized at the risk of their lives to extract the pilot from the cockpit before the imminent arrival of a train. Despite the abundant blood, it seems that he did not suffer a serious injury.

“Seeing what happened, I’m grateful to be alive. I am grateful that the pilot also survived”, Officer Robert Sherock told CBS News.

A train that couldn’t be stopped in time

Police said they notified the railway company of the obstruction of the tracks. But given the rapid sequence of events, it was probably impossible to stop the train in time.

It seems like control of the aircraft was lost shortly after takeoff from nearby Whitman Airport in California.

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