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A life-size “ramp buggy” to launch cars into the air

A fan of GTA 5 Online or Fast & Furious has made a life-size “ramp buggy”. A vehicle whose purpose is to propel all the cars that get in its way into the air!

You may be familiar with the ” ramp buggy »? This name given to machines four-wheeled able to sneak “under” cars ?

If you are fans of the cinematographic saga Fast & Furious or players of GTA 5 online , you will no doubt have seen these funny vehicles. As original as malicious.

Their principle is as follows. Based on a tubular chassis type buggy, they are equipped with a ramp Who, at high speed, turns into a springboard for vehicles crossing their path. Although this theoretically allows to avoid traffic jams, ramp buggies mainly cause a lot of damages. Taking off users who had the misfortune to get in their way.

Pure fiction ?

This scenario does not happen in theory than in movies or video games. Since it is precisely for them that they were originally thought and designed.

Most an amateur (one, the other, both?) decided to make it a reality. He has some builds one to measure, in his garage! Manufactured from scratch from a tubular frame mounted on four wheels

, this vehicle does not respond to anything other than its demonic function.

No luxury or comfort, but two seats, counters (from UAZ) and a hydraulic system to lower or raise the boom…

Full-scale test

In video posted online, although the machine is not quite finished, it passed a short test on a control vehicle as a guinea pig. Arriving at moderate speed, the buggy thus “fits” under a poor little one Lada Oka, who in a fraction of a second finds herself a prisoner.

In balance on the buggy, she ends up falling. Le buggy made short work of it !

Even if it is very difficult to imagine this machine being authorized to drive on the open road, there is no doubt that trying it out in a scrapyard or wasteland full of carcasses must be a lot of fun. Be careful, however, of don’t meet you nearby when cars fall from the sky…

Discover this unique buggy in the world on video:

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