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Bobcat T7X: construction machinery goes electric

Presented at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the Bobcat T7X is the first 100% electric loader, and presents some interesting arguments compared to its thermal counterparts

The the electric saga definitely does not escape any category of vehicle ! Today democratized in the automobile on many small city cars (Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf), SUV (MG ZS, Audi e-Tron) and even traditional sedans (BMW i4, Mercedes EQS).

In turn, the industry truck transport is seriously considering its transition to electric (with promising builders like Nikola) just like that of vineyard machinery which we told you about recently.

This time it is the construction machinery who are preparing for a potential green revolution. The proof with this 100% electric loader concept: the Bobcat T7X.

Like a thermal

From the outside, it takes the form of a classic construction loader. We always find a glazed cabin mounted on caterpillars and armed with benne pivotable in the front. it is in its entrails that the revolution is on the march. Say goodbye to diesel and gasoline, and makes way for an electric motor to operate the machine.

Thanks to batteries located under the cabin

, this vehicle is free of a cumbersome engine, unwanted noises and especially of strong emissions ! At normal temperatures, the Bobcat  T7X should be able to provide 4h autonomy. Which is in the average of the daily tasks required of this type of vehicle.

Great prospects for the sector

To 62 kWh electric motor allow him to be cleared of all usual fluids ! Fuel, engine oil and even the oil running the hydraulic cylinders !

Its absence of polluting emissions thus allows it to be used in confined and unventilated places. Something that is currently impossible with conventional thermal engines.

Presented at Las Vegas Electronics Show (CES 2022), on ignore encore its cooldown times as well as his prices. We remind you, for the time being it is a concept. If it is brought into production, which will most certainly be the case given the number of accolades it has received, there is no doubt that he should revolutionize the daily life of construction workers!

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