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Asiastar X9-3: a Chinese bus designed by Pininfarina?!

The luxury market sometimes gives birth to unexpected partnerships. The proof with this Asiastar coach whose exterior design was imagined by Pininfarina.

The Chinese company Asiastar unveiled the X9-3, a coach top-of-the-range passenger car whose exterior design was carried out by Pininfarina. You’re not dreaming, it’s the same style office that designed, among others, the Ferrari F40, Maserati GranTurismo, Peugeot 406 Coupé… A known and recognized name that officiates this time on a vehicle of a completely different size . Far from being trivial like all coaches; the first images can testify to this.

An Italian-Chinese project

“This new bus is intended for domestic market high-end tourism but also for abroad. It represents a whole new platform for Asiastar Bus tour coaches,” said Jia Kaiqian, CEO of Asiastar. “The styling and interior feel fresh, and product quality and performance have been taken to a new level.” This statement is found in the style of the bus. This one aims to combine Italian industrial concepts with Chinese fashion. The aim was to provide a elegant and luxurious look.

Designed in collaboration between Shanghai and Italy, the teams want to create a ” state-of-the-art experience“. So good, according to the designers, that it would encourage travelers to choose it over their car. The needs of the passengers and the driver have, of course, also been taken into account.

A new generation of coaches?

“The Asiastar X9-3 offers unparalleled comfort that matches the highest technology. The design expresses these values ​​with a modern and innovative language, with dynamic exterior lines and a sophisticated interior,” explained his side Kevin Rice, creative director at Pininfarina. On the outside, developed in Italy, the front seems protected on both sides thanks to a lame and aluminum connecting the various elements. This gives dynamism and a feeling of luxury. At the rear, the LED rear lights give it more character, despite a flat face like on all coaches.

interior it has a driver-oriented structure for optimum driver comfort and safety. Currently presented as prototype, the X9-3 was unveiled at the Asiastar Business Conference in Yangzhou.

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