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Maserati: 5 things you don’t know about the Italian brand!

Think you know everything about the Trident brand? Think again, some anecdotes might surprise you! Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about Maserati!

After 5 things to know about Lamborghinihere is another Italian brand that makes you dream: Maserati !

Legendary brand founded at the beginning of the 20th century by six brothers in Bologna in Italy, the firm that is today part of the Stellantis group has a long history

Here are 5 anecdotes that you probably don’t know about the Italian sportswear brand!

Its logo is inspired by the Fountain of Neptune in Bologna

The company logo represented by the famous trident was created by artist Mario Maserati. Coming from a family of 7 children, including 5 who will devote their whole lives to the automobile, it is he who designed the brand’s emblem in 1914.

Indeed, when the Maserati family wanted to create the coat of arms of their brand of automobiles, it was the one who had done the fine arts who got down to it.

The latter lived just opposite the main square of Bologne where is a fountain with Neptune, the god of the oceans. Looking through his window, he was inspired by the trident that the statue holds to make it the future Maserati logo.

A hidden meaning behind the trident?

This story is often told related to the Fountain of Neptune. But the trident could have another meaning…

This emblem also has a link with one of the lives of the boys of the Maserati siblings. Indeed, this logo also symbolizes the fork which once “saved” Alfieri Maserati from death. He was reportedly attacked by an angry wolf as he walked through the woods, and saved by a man who came to the aid with a pitchfork.

Even today, the logo has remained unchanged, or almost! the trident is still present and the brand name still appears, affixed just below.

The brand has passed under more than five different entities

Maserati and takeovers, it’s quite a story. The brand has indeed been bought several times, and has experienced significant financial difficulties.

The brand has notably come under the control of Citroen, Chrysler or Fiat. Today, the brand is part of the Stellantis group.

Note that in 1975, on the verge of bankruptcy, the brand passed for a short time under the control of GEPI, an Italian state company responsible for reviving companies in difficulty. It was also bought shortly later by Alejandro de Tomaso, a famous Argentinian racing driver.

Maserati supplied a V6 engine for Citroën

In 1968, Maserati came under the control of Citroën. From this union was born, in 1970, the famous SM, whose six-cylinder V is provided by the Italian manufacturer.

This “French-style GT” was swept away in the turmoil of the oil crisis and unfortunately did not experience the expected success.

Several Maseratis have benefited from a Ferrari engine

In 1993, the unthinkable happened. Two historical rivals, the Trident and the Prancing Horse are about to join forces.

Thanks to this union, the Maserati firm was able to benefit from engines from its lifelong rival. We think in particular of the 4200 GT exit in 2002 and its engine Ferrari F136 that we will find on the Ferrari F430 Where Ferrari 458 Italia for example.

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