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Drive To Survive: Season 4 is coming to Netflix

F1 fans have been chomping at the bit since December 12 and a final crazy race. While waiting for the first 2022 GP, they can wait while watching season 4 of Drive To Survive.

For 3 years, the cameras of Netflix show us the backstage of F1, with a relative transparency but already much higher than what was expected from a world so well locked during the era Ecclestone. Short sentences that say a lot. Power games, the influence of money and a touch of the intimacy of the drivers and team managers… Drive To Survive (Pilots of their destiny in French) teaches us a little more about this world apart.

Renewed interest

The purists will tell you – rightly – that the series is too much romanticizedvery good scripted and therefore a little too far from reality. Not fauxbut the existence of this series Drive To Survive has some merits.

First, it offers “simple fans” a small dose of F1 in addition to weekends Grand Prize. Then she reinjects glamour and humanity in this over-policed ​​and hermetic world. Finally, the result of all this, coupled with the planetary success of the series, have the effect that Formula 1 is experiencing a spectacular renewed interest from a much wider audience than just “connoisseurs”.

Who will complain? Certainly not FOM (Formula One Management).

war of nerves

So it’s official. The season4 from Drive To Survive lands on Netflix next March 11 9 days before Bahrain Grand Prix the first race of the season 2022.

As always, the series will retrace the past season. Its staging will make the events even more thrilling. Or, le Championship 2021 was particularly rich in suspense. Just look at the arrival, on equal points at the last GP of 2021, of the two main protagonists Verstappen and Hamilton. We can hardly imagine how the series could do even stronger.

Who can’t wait to see behind the scenes of this war of nerves? The explosive rages of Toto Wolffthe boss of Mercedes, or those very interior, in English, of Chrisitian Hornerare a rival of Red Bull.

Strongly also the smile of Daniel Ricciardothe “flowery” language of Gunther Steiner (Haas), and the performances of our French drivers Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon.

Without Max

This season 4 of Drive To Survive will however be marked by a lack of size. judging them manipulated images to his disadvantage during season 3, Max Verstappen has categorically refuse to participate in the filming of this new and 4th season. Netflix cameras were asked to stay away from him.

We will therefore not see the reigning World Champion commenting his epic battle against Lewis Hamilton. Too bad, he probably would have had plenty to say.

In the meantime, see you on March 11, 2022, on Netflix, for this season 4 of Formula 1 : Drive To Survive.

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