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Fuel prices: oil depots blocked in Brest and Lorient

The oil depots in the cities of Brest and Lorient have been blocked since yesterday by several demonstrators. A situation that could last…

The information was confirmed by the AFP this morning. The fuel supply sites of Brest and Lorient are currently blocked by protesters. These blockades were organized by the road carriersthe farmers and the fishermen of the region to protest against the increase in fuel prices.

AT Brest, the fuel depot was blocked by pallets and logs. Several posters were held up with the following slogans, ” diesel too expensive, boat ashore » Where ” diesel too expensive, we have it in the back ». 200 people would be present since yesterday in front of the depot.

Situation similar to Lorient where the director of the oil depot told AFP that blockage by transporters, fishermen, public works, farmers was in progress”. « I don’t know how long this will last.”. Several taxi drivers would also have come to lend their support and show their dissatisfaction.

A situation that could last

For now, the prefectures Morbihan and Finistère have not communicated any details in relation to the situation. There is nothing to confirm that these blockages will last. Nor whether they will have a impact on the fuel dispensing. But the fed up is real among professionals, while the price of a liter of diesel is back on the rise since yesterday.

From new drops are still expected this week. Government announcements of 15 cents discount from April 1st are not enough. Carriers fear they will have to go out of business if the situation persists. They ask for a tax freeze immediate.

Also to AFP, the president of the Morbihan branch of the National Chamber of Public Works and Landscape Craftsmen (CNATP) said: “We will stay until the government makes the right decision and freezes taxes. Because we have fallen below the break-even point, everyone is working at a loss. If we have to stay ten days, we will stay ten days”.

A growing situation tense which could bring new complications in the next few days.

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