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F1 22: we were able to test the brand new Miami circuit!

We were able to test the Miami circuit on the latest F1 22 as a preview. Here are our impressions of the new Formula 1 game!

This week, almost 2 months before the official release of the game, the editorial staff was able to get his hands on a demo version of the brand new title of Codemasters. It is F1 22!

Like every year, all players who are fans of Formula 1 eagerly await the new title developed by the British studio, bought last year by Electronic Arts. And, first minor change, the game publisher has slightly shortened its numbering to match the names of other EA sports simulations, such as FIFA 21 for example.

Formalized on April 22, the new game F1 22 will therefore come out July 1, 2022 on many mediums: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series et Xbox One. And this year, PC players will even be able to enjoy an immersion in VR!

The F1 game takes over the novelties of the 2022 season

With all the changes made for this new 2022 Formula 1 season, he had even more work this year for the developers of the Codemasters teams. Among them, we obviously find all the work on the new single-seaters of their respective stables, whose design has been extensively revised, after the entry into force of the new regulations reintroducing the ground effect.

For this demo, only two modes are available. We find the mode championship classic and finally a format against the watch. The first simply allows drive one of the 10 single-seaters and put yourself in the shoes of an F1 team driver. Just that…

And given the visual and sound immersion, it’s almost like it!

Head to Florida with the Miami circuit in the spotlight!

Aboard our single-seater Ferrari F1-75all dressed in matte red, we are in the skin of Charles Leclerc. And we are not on just any starting grid… This is the very last F1 circuit, that of Miami !

From the cockpit, we take a look to the right then to the left. Ahead of us, the lights begin to line up and the engines rev up to optimum speed. Then the last LED turns green and the 10 single-seaters set off in a delightful roar on the asphalt.

After several laps and a fierce struggle (with certain aids and driving assistance activated) we manage to climb to first place with a long straight and the DRS activated. On the wire, we manage to overtake Verstappen, who was the leader of the race. Victoire !

As you will understand, the new miami circuit will therefore be honored in this new opus of the EA Sports game. The new layout, which revolves around the stadium of the Dolphins, the American football team, will be widely promoted, since it will serve as a framework for the skills test players.

And obviously, it is no coincidence that this Miami International Autodrome is presented this week for the specialized press via a demo of the next flagship game of Formula 1. Indeed, it is on the latter that will be held this Sunday, May 8 the next Formula 1 Grand Prix!

As a reminder, this new 5.412 km route has 19 bends and three DRS zones. The full race is 57 laps for a total of 308.326 km.

High-flying graphics for total immersion

On the demo version tested, the game runs perfectly. Small disappointment however, the Miami circuit is tested under cloudy weather. A bit of a shame when you imagine yourself driving under the Florida sun, with the palm trees artificially planted near the circuits and reproduced for the needs of the game.

Once on track, everything is very fluid. No lags or slowdowns are to be noted. The developers at Codemasters, who are fine-tuning their graphics engine house for several years, have optimized their game to maximize performance. Based on the firm’s internal graphics engine (called EGO), the game only runs since the previous version via DirectX 12 for the PC versions.

On our configuration (GTX 1080, i7 7700k and 16GB of Ram), the game runs like clockwork and rarely drops below 120fps, with all options automatically preset to “ultra high”. Our machine, which is already almost 5 years old, has no trouble running the new EA Sports opus.

As stated previously, single-seaters are extremely well modeled. The F1 fans will be delighted to see that every detail on the bodywork is present and that nothing is missing, not even the sponsor labels stuck on the F1 cars.

Finally, the work does not stop there: the environments are also not to be outdone, with the details pushed even to the audience from the stands. At the start and end of races, the Pit Lanes and even the Paddocks are modeled with numerous mechanics and team members. Everything is done to promote the most complete immersion, and it works. A delight. We almost believe it…!

Appointment on 1st of July next to play F1 22 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series et Xbox One !

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