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Don’t Delay Your Fill Up: Gas Prices Continue to Rise

Gasoline prices continue to rise, and even if diesel seems to be falling slightly, the situation is not ready to return to normal…

Even if the curves tend to flatten out, the fuel price hike is still topical, and the figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition confirm it: the French Government publishes the average fuel prices recorded in service stations in France.

Good news for users of diesel vehicles: last week, over the period from May 7 to 13, 2022, the price of a liter of diesel has decreased by 6.5 cents compared to the week of April 30 to May 6, 2022, thus going from 1.944 euros to 1.878 euros. We observe that the price of petrol and diesel tend to come together, whereas previously, diesel had the advantage of a lower price per litre.

Fuel prices: diesel down, gasoline up

On the side of theessencethe trend isaugmentation : the liter of lead-free SP95-E10 increased by 2.8 cents last week, going from an average price of 1.823 euros the previous week, to 1,851 euro last week.

The liter of unleaded SP95 went from 1.866 euro to 1,892 euro, an increase of 2.64 cents on average last week. The liter of unleaded SP98 went from 1.918 euros to 1,948 euroan increase of 2.98 cents on average last week.

Superethanol and LPG fuel up slightly

Le Superethanol E85whose adoption is increasingly strong among the French following the increase in fuel prices, has meanwhile gone from 0.759 euro to 0,765 euroa slight increase of 0.59 cents on average last week.

Le GPL carburant has an average price of 0,8373 euroagainst 0.8348 euro the previous week, which represents a slight increase of 0.25 cents on average last week.

What measures in the face of the increase in the price of fuel?

Pending the establishment of a new system, former Prime Minister Jean Castex recently announced that the discount of 18 centimes per liter on fuel, set up on 1is last April, will be extended beyond July 31, 2022.

Then, a new device will take over: it will target more “people who have no other choice but to take their vehicle to work or who are heavy drivers”according to the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, during an interview with our colleagues from France Info.

Large retailers, for their part, are increasing the number of “fuel at cost” operations in their service stations. In recent weeks, the Géant Casino supermarkets have stood out with their “fuel at 0.85 euro per litre” operation in the form of a discount valid in store: this promotional operation could well come back over the next few weekends.

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