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Discover an ultra-secret Volkswagen collection!

Volkswagen is one of the biggest car brands! In 2020, it was expected that it would release a new sporty version of its Golf. A very powerful sedan that was highly anticipated at the Nurburgring. However, the vehicle has never seen the light of day until now…

Jamie Orr: the lucky winner who got to see the Golf 8 TCR in real life!

Does the name sound familiar to you? It’s about of a young man passionate about discovery and the automobile. He travels around the world as a journalist, but also as a professional tuner, etc. He collaborates with many brands, including Volkswagen. So, thanks to this close collaboration, Jamie Orr was able to break into the Volkswagen Classic warehouse. The young enthusiast then saw the well-hidden Golf TCR, abandoned after the disappearance of Volkswagen Motorsport. In addition to this exclusive model, the passionate journalist had the opportunity to see and touch other exceptional legendary vehicles.

What’s so special about the Golf 8 TCR?

After the Golf 8 GTI, fans were impatiently awaiting its descendant, the Golf 8 TCR! Why ? Because she is more powerful and more aggressive than the GTI. This is the racing version of the GTI. They have the same engine, of course, but the TCR gives off a much more “controlled” power. To sum up, in a few words, the Golf 8 TCR is the improved version of the Golf GTI! As for the appearance, we can say that nothing has changed! It is even difficult to distinguish the Golf GTI from the new TCR. A very attractive final version that could never be realized…

Why has the Golf 8 TCR never seen the light of day?

The German brand currently shares the auto sales market with Tesla. This is why towards the end of 2020, the boss of the group announced the stop of Volkswagen Motorsport while he had a good record of victories. It is also because of this decision that the design and development of the famous Golf 8 TCR were interrupted ! The long-awaited super car was never finally unveiled. Although some enthusiasts, some time ago, say they saw it on the Nordschleife. Is it a decoy? A GTI made up?

Discover the video where the Golf TCR appears in the middle of the other Volkswagens:

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