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Selling your car: everything you need to know

Selling your car, not so easy. A simple over-the-counter transaction is not enough. Several administrative obligations must be respected.

Sell ​​your car. Yes, we often talk to you, including in our columns, about the vehicle to buy, the question of whether to go electric, whether to prefer leasing to buying. But there is a prerequisite. Unless you are a collector, you must first get rid of your current vehicle. And watch out, unless you like formalities, it’s not necessarily going to be a cakewalk


First, know that in 2022, off the internet, no salvation. You have of course noted that nothing, no law, obliges you to have a computer or an Internet connection. However, if your relationship with your buyer can be done “old fashioned”, on paper, your relations with the prefecture and l’ANTS can only be done online. A legal aberration.
That said, if you didn’t have the Internet, you wouldn’t be reading these lines, would you? So let’s consider the problem solved.

The list

Fundamental. Prepare it in advance, like a shopping list. Here are the documents you will need to provide if you sell your car to a private individual.

Your gray card. It must be up to date and drawn up at your current address. If not, consider making this change.
A non-pledge certificate. Your car should be fully yours. No opposition to the transfer of registration must exist.

Proof of a technical inspection dating back less than 6 months. It is mandatory if your car is over 4 years old. Please note that the technical inspection is also compulsory for electric cars.
Finally prepare a certificate of transfer. Two copies: one for you, one for your buyer. Normal: it’s simply the invoice.

Where to get the documents?

The transfer certificate is available on the website of l’ANTS. This is also where you can update your gray card if necessary. For the non-pledge certificate, the site service will be your contact. ANTS will also send you a 4-digit assignment code that you must communicate to the buyer.

The technical inspection must be carried out in an approved center, you will be required to carry out a counter-visit if certain points are not satisfactory. Attention, your vehicle must then be sold within six months. Otherwise, you have to start all over again!

Payment methods

Below 3000 euros, you can get paid in cash. A tip, however, if you do not know the seller, make the transaction in a bank. Trust is good, real tickets are even better.

Above 3000 euros, two solutions: cashier’s check or bank transfer. The bank check is issued by the bank of your interlocutor after verification of the availability of funds in his account. It is therefore reliable.
The equally safe bank transfer: once the sum has been credited to your account, it can no longer be debited. Be careful all the same, your interlocutor can provide you with a RIB which can be falsified.

La transaction

Your buyer is going to want to try your car. It’s perfectly natural. The opposite should even alert you. Don’t let him do it alone, at the risk of never seeing the vehicle again. You should file a complaint immediately. Otherwise, all the offenses committed will be your responsibility. Choose a car park, preferably busy

. This limits the risk of aggression. You can possibly ask him a copy of his identity card. Or his license for that matter. You might as well check that he or she has the right to drive before handing over the wheel.
In the event of an accident during the test, a finding amicably indicating this circumstance on the document.

The risks involved

Watch out, you are responsible for the latent defects of your vehicle, serious defects which are not apparent at the time of sale. The buyer can request reimbursement of part of the purchase price, or pure and simple cancellation of the sale. And get it.
Similarly, in the event of sale without a certificate of technical controlyou risk a fine of 750 euros… or the immobilization of your vehicle. Before checking that your buyer is in good standing, make sure you are in good standing by not forgetting anything.
Similarly, once the transaction is completed, remember to cancel your insurance within 15 days. No need to pay for anything.

Sales sites

advertisements for online shopping sites loop on TV. You see sellers and buyers excited and necessarily delighted with their transaction. These sites advantageously replace the good old “For Sale” poster stuck to the back of the car with your phone number which promises you a deluge of calls. They are the equivalent of real estate ad sites, are not not responsible in case of scamand they will not accomplish not the administrative procedures for you. And above all, sooner or later we will have to move on to reality and physical encounter.


They are possible even when you believe you have taken all the precautions. Before handing over the vehicle, verify the authenticity of the cashier’s check with the issuing bank. Look for it yourself, the buyer can give you the check from a non-existent bank with the details of an accomplice. Same procedure for the transfer.
Never accept a check for more than what you are asking for. Do you know many buyers who pay more than they owe? The practice is called Cashback. The check is usually fake, you will be asked to repay the difference which is real.
Deal only with the buyer himselfafter meeting him in person and verified their identity and contact details. Never go through an intermediary. Don’t sell to a buyer in a foreign country you’ve never seen. Your money either, you will never see it.


Safest ? The reprise. Naturally, this assumes that you are buying your new vehicle in a dealership. You are then exempt from technical control and certain not to deal with a crook and to receive your money or the equivalent rebate. Given the turn taken by the car marketthe forced electrification that awaits us you are going to have anyway it’s more and more difficult to resell your thermal vehicle by another means. Your next change of car might just look like a change of mode of transportation.

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