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The largest hydrogen station in Europe arrives in Paris

HysetCo has just inaugurated the largest hydrogen station in Europe at Porte de Saint-Cloud. It will supply cars and trucks.

It is a revolutionary station which has just opened at the gates of the capital. The company HysetCo, owner of Hype taxis, has just inaugurated its own hydrogen station. According to the company, it is the largest hydrogen station in Europe.

A revolutionary hydrogen station

It is therefore near the square Dole-de-la-Brunerie, at Porte de Saint-Cloud in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, that this new hydrogen station is located. A station that cost more than 15 million euros, with a part financed by the State. It is equipped with an electrolyser capable of producing hydrogen, up to a ton a day. Six guns were installed, the station will be able to support up to 400 fill-ups per day. The operational opening of this hydrogen station is scheduled for June.

With this new station, the company further consolidates its leader in the hydrogen market in France. In addition to offering distribution stations, the company operates more than 160 hydrogen vehicles. The company has also aroused the interest of large companies, since Total entered a 20% stake in the capital of the small start-up in 2021, just like Air Liquide and Toyota who also collaborate with HysetCo.

Several other stations soon available in the Paris region

The French State has intensified its investments to accelerate the development of hydrogen. France will invest more than 7 billion euros in this energy by 2030. This is the former Minister of Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, which announced this state investment last year. A position which has moreover weakened the former minister who has since joined the board of the hydrogen vehicle company Hopium


This state investment will the construction of a dozen new stations by 2024 in the Paris region. Other major cities in France will also be equipped with hydrogen stations in the coming years.

Hydrogen, a more practical energy than electricity?

Less publicized and less used than electric, hydrogen remains a practical and useful energy for the automotive industry. For the moment, it is the transport companies that use this energy the most. A full of 5 kg of hydrogen can cover more than 500 kilometersand the time to complete this refueling remains much shorter than the complete recharging of an electric vehicle.

The Renault manufacturer inaugurated its fuel cell plant on the Flins site a few weeks ago. This energy also opens up a little more to private vehicles. But hydrogen remains very expensive for the moment. It’s necessary count on average more than 70€ for a full tank. In addition, private vehicles running on hydrogen are very expensive. It should also be noted that France still has very few operational stations. This year there would be barely 31 stations open to the general public throughout the territory.

With the arrival of the HysetCo station, and the next structures in the Paris region, France confirms that it is accelerating the development of this energy which is still too little used.

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