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Fiat Tipo Cross Hybrid (2022) test: is it still worth it?

Launched more than 6 years ago, the Fiat Tipo is historically placed at an interesting place in the market. Between the low-cost of a Dacia but much cheaper than general rivals like the thermal Renault Megane, practical and properly equipped, it quickly became a best-seller for the Italian manufacturer.

But since its restyling in 2021, its positioning is starting to change. First, the 4-door sedan version, the most affordable, disappeared from the range. Then Cross adventurer versions become the only ones available. The entry level is therefore more and more expensive. And in 2022, the top of the range is also climbing, with this new 130 hp hybrid engine, charged €29,290 on the high finish of our test model. Has the Fiat Tipo lost its bargain soul? The answer in our video test :

Inside the restyled Fiat Tipo hybrid: no surprises

Despite these rising prices, the interior of the Fiat Tipo has changed little with the restyling. Note, however, the new 10-inch central screen, taken from the electric Fiat 500. It is clear, precise and responsive, in short a great success. It also accommodates Android Auto et Apple CarPlay sans fil standard on our Tipo of the day. The counters are also digital on our finish test model (RED). They can present a lot of information, but are sometimes a bit cluttered.

For the rest, the finish is still a little sketchy. A little better than at Dacia, but the hard plastics remain very present and above all of poor quality, especially on the door panels. At the rear, the space is rather good for the category, even if a transmission tunnel disturbs access to the middle seat a little. The trunk is very well placed in the category, with 440 liters volume. We just regret a slightly high loading threshold.

At the wheel of the hybrid Fiat Tipo: the engine of the Alfa Romeo Tonale!

In 2022, the Fiat Tipo recovers the engine of the all-new Alfa Romeo Tonale, here in its 130 hp version. We therefore find a four-cylinder 1.5 L turbo mated to a small electric motor 20 hp, powered by a 0.8 kWh battery. The latter is logically very light, and therefore does not influence the behavior of the car. In fact, this engine is halfway between a micro-hybrid and a classic Toyota hybrid. The Tipo can roll 100% electric at low speed

and in manoeuvres, over short distances. But the heat engine quickly takes over.

Fiat announces 5.3 L/100 km of average consumption, even if our first tests point rather to 6.5 L/100 km. To be checked by Labo Auto Plus in a future test! When driving, the integration of the hybrid system is quite discreet. But the dual-clutch gearbox could be more responsive and smoother. And behind the wheel, the character of the Fiat Tipo is not transformed. The dynamism is clearly not a priority for the Italian sedan, which is a bit clumsy in the sequences. Consideration, the comfort is quite successfulespecially since even on the high finishes it does not yield to the sirens of very large rims (here 17 inches).

Fiat Tipo hybrid price: the competition is fierce…

So the question of price remains. To 29 290 €, this Fiat Tipo Cross 5-door hybrid finish (RED) is over €8,000 more expensive than a Dacia Duster 130 hp Prestige finish, with equivalent equipment. Admittedly, the Fiat is equipped with a hybrid engine and an automatic gearbox, but the price difference is gargantuan. A Toyota Corollafull hybrid and just as well equipped, can also be negotiated under the €30,000 mark these days. In short, the positioning of the Fiat Tipo hybrid is less clear than that of the call versions. And it must now face strong competition.

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