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Skoda Afriq, the extreme Kamiq!

Students from the Skoda school looked into the Kamiq case. Result, the small SUV normally only delivered in traction passes to an all-wheel drive and gains in power to become an all-terrain that nothing stops!

Everyone knows the Kamiq, it is one of the flagship models of the range Skoda in the modern age of SUV. Good face, interesting dimensions, manufacturing quality worthy of the VW group. No doubt, it’s a good car, but it’s hard to give it the adjective ‘exciting’. Well ! forget all that! Here is the Afriq concept, a kind of Kamiq of the extreme which we would gladly take the wheel!

Kamiq + Octavia = Afriq!

This little story began within the school of the Czech manufacturer. Students have completely stripped the small SUV. Normally sold only as a pull, they went for the 4 wheel drive system from l’Octavia to install it in the Kamiq. Even if it means taking its transmission, you might as well also embark the 2-liter block, 190 hp and 320 Nm of torque, right? That’s exactly what they did.

It’s far from over…

Very well, the mechanics are bent, but to go absolutely everywhere, some improvements are still necessary. To stiffen the body, the rear doors were welded directly to the rollbar! As a result, this Afriq is a

coupé ! They also added a independent suspension on the rear axle. But also from 15-inch OZ rims wrapped in good fat off-road tires. That’s it, there, it goes everywhere.

A generator of what?

As if that wasn’t already enough, Skoda students have also installed a drinking water generator in the middle of the cabin! It’s true that, as long as you completely modify a car and its mechanics, you might as well install a drinking water generator. At least, its occupants will not die of thirst in the middle of nature while having fun in Afriq, the Kamiq of the extreme!

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