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A van ends up on a balcony on the 5th floor!

On June 3, a rather unusual photo made the buzz on social networks. This is an image in which you can clearly see a van parked in a building, on a balcony. Yes… on a balcony! We don’t know why or how she ended up there.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… we juggle more and more time on social networks. And it is thanks to these platforms that we find sometimes original information, including this one. We would have seen a vanquietly taking the air on a balcony !

The big problem of parking in the city

Parking your car in town can become a real headache. We often waste a lot of time the search for a parking space. Unsuitable sidewalks, narrow accesses, too cramped space… the problems of motorists are multiplying. The number of cars continues to grow while the number of parking spaces remains the same. And if we find a place, it is most of the time paying. In case of non-payment, even for a few minutes, the fines rain down, often abusively! Finding a parking space has become a real hell for every driver, especially for professionals. So, it’s not surprising, if we see vehicles park anywhere and anyhow! But a van that parks in a building; we have never seen one!

Van on the balcony!

Absolutely ! On June 3, a user posted a photo on Twitter. Not just any photo, but a rather strange photo that left Twittos (Twitter users) speechless. The famous image showed a white van, parked in a building. So far, nothing seems out of the ordinary. But what you do not know is that it is neither in the window on the ground floor nor in the basement of the building in question, but on a 4th or 5th floor balcony !

How could she have gotten there?

So far, no one knows how the van ended up on the balcony. Indeed, it is parked in such a way that it cannot move an inch. The only logical explanation, according to some, is that it would be a fake photo. Indeed, fake photos abound on social networks. It would be neither the first nor the last! We will probably never have the answer. The photographer remained silent!

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