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A new look for all Dacias

Dacia is deploying its new visual identity across its entire range. This translates into new logos immediately affixed to the Duster, Jogger, Sandero Stepway and even Spring.

In less than 20 years, the Dacia brand has carved out a very good place for itself in our market., to the point of fighting with Volkswagen just at the foot of the podium of the best-selling brands in France. In Europe, the Dacia Sandero even allowed herself to reach the podium of the best-selling vehicles last year while the Dacia Duster is also in the top 15 best-selling cars on the continent.

Third step

This is how Dacia recently passed the milestone of 10 million cars produced. But if the brand wants to continue on this good momentum, it must certainly continue to renew itself. Dacia therefore now offers a new visual identity which will be immediately deployed on all vehicles in the range. After the communication media (mid 2021) and the dealer network which began its transformation at the start of 2022, it is therefore now around the vehicles to adopt the new brand identity.

New logo

LThe new Dacia Link logo thus takes its place in the middle of the grille of the various vehicles in the range. Already seen previously, it takes the form of a stylized D and C connected to each other. According to Dacia, this logo, which also evokes the links of a chain, “is intended to be a symbol of both robustness and simplicity. » Around this new logo, the grille also evolves with its patterns reworked and faded to white. This new logo designed to be visible from afar also appears in the center of the wheels of the cars.

New logo

In addition to the logo on the grille and the center of the rims, a new logo with the letters DACIA will also be found on the rear of the vehicles as well as on the steering wheel. Dacia describes it as: “Deliberately minimalist with lightened letters to keep only what is essential to their recognition. »

New shade

Apart from these new logos and logotypes, Dacia also offers a nnew Gray Megalith color which can be seen in the photos and which is found on the roof bars, the front and rear skids as well as the exterior mirrors of Sandero Stepway, Spring or even Duster. She is accompanied by a new color Lichen Kaki in green tones.

180 km/h maxi

Dacia therefore offers novelties relating to cosmetics, but this new identity is also an opportunity for the brand to announce that all vehicles in its range will be limited to 180 km/h from 2023.

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