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Video: This scooter of the future is electric and… inflatable!

Straight from Japan, this Poimo from Mercari was mainly developed to make the lives of its users more comfortable rather than to save time. It weighs only 6 kg, fits in a backpack, inflates in a minute, but only reaches 6 km/h.

The gear you can see above is not easy to categorize. Let’s say it’s of a kind of scooter developed by the Japanese startup Mercari in partnership with the University of Tokyo. Suffice to say that it is not anything! The name of this thing? The Poimo for “Portable Inflatable Mobility” or inflatable and portable mobility. Eh yes, cet engin electric weighs only 6 kg, fits in a bag and inflates in one minute when ready to use !

Still in prototype state

He comes from Japan, of course, but he made the trip to France for the Vivatech exhibition from Paris. An appointment not necessarily focused on mobility, but on technology. And it works! Well, from there to say that the city dwellers will all come out of their bags tomorrow, we are not there yet, and for good reason, this scooter is still only at the prototype stage. Mercari continues its development to, for example, make it even lighter.

Fully customizable!

We are talking about a scooter, but it is rather an unidentified rolling object since the customer could eventually give it the shape he wants. And he wouldn’t just choose his form! Made in an ultra-resistant fabric, it is also possible to change its color! In other words, the customization possibilities of the Poimo are practically endless! A wheelchair-style version has also been developed!

More comfortable than fast

Mercari has limited its maximum speed to 6 km/h, which is the walking speed. The objective of the Japanese company is not to save time for its users, but rather to make their journeys less tiring and more comfortable. As for its autonomy, it is about one hour, or 6 km. The question now is whether this object like no other will really meet a demand and will one day be marketed.

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