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Second-hand vehicles, a third of French people are victims of scams

The threat of experiencing a mishap on the second-hand market in France is still strong according to the study published by the Odopass application concerning resale deceptions.

The second-hand market is full boom in France for a few months. With the shortage of new vehicles and price inflation, the French are turning more and more to second-hand vehicles. According to the company AAA Data, 2,280,000 vehicles have changed hands since the beginning of this year. With each time the share of risk that accompanies these transactions. This is revealed by the study conducted by the Odopass application on the resale deceptions present on the second-hand vehicle market.

Used vehicles, there are still many scams

This is the great fear of motorists when buying a used vehicle. Being the victim of a scam or a mechanical mishap with the car. Hidden defect, trick on the meter or lack of maintenance, these are all unpleasant surprises encountered by many buyers in France. According to the study conducted by the Odopass application, 37.5% of French buyers of second-hand vehicles have already faced a problem.

In details, 13.4% explain having been a victim of a hidden vice. This is the most common mishap in France during second-hand vehicle transactions. Among the other problems encountered, 5.1% of French people explain having been victims of a mileage trick on the car, and 4.7% were deceived by a lack of maintenance of the vehicle. Many motorists have also complained of dubious technical checks carried out just before the sale. Which, for 2.3% of those questioned, required additional repairs which inflated the bill.

If these scams are so numerous, this is partly explained by the ignorance of motorists in terms of mechanics. According to the study carried out by the French start-up, 52.1% of respondents concede that they have no knowledge

in the matter. A godsend for dishonest dealers, and a reality that exposes the risks present on the second-hand market. Ghislain Trabichet, co-founder of Odopass, explains that “This survey is revealing of the opacity and risks that exist on the second-hand market. Vigilance is therefore to take shelter from an unpleasant surprise..

How to guard against mishaps during a purchase?

According to the study, the chances of being scammed are high. To guard against this type of mishap, several techniques can be applied. First of all, it is recommended to prefer to buy from professional sellers with, if possible, the presence of a guarantee in the sales contract. In addition, we also advise you to ask for the maintenance booklet of the vehicle and if possible to try it.

Procedures that l’application Odopass offers to its users. Ghislain Trabichet explains that the purpose of the application is to “restore trust, transparency and security in the purchasing process. We have won over 160,000 users. Of which a significant proportion had a bad experience before joining us, proof of the added value of our service”. The application notably offers precise monitoring of the maintenance of the vehicle as well as its administrative history.

If solutions exist through the presence of multiple applications or services, sales professionals call for the greatest caution. Especially when the transactions are not made with an individual.

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