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Volkswagen ID.5 GTX (2022) test: a coupe SUV, but at what price!

Chez Volkswagenthe electric range ID. is available at all price levels. The group has invested billions in its plate-forme MEBand intends to launch as many derivative models as possible.

After the fashion of urban crossovershere is that of SUV coupes. And the ID range. could not escape the rule to satisfy the demand. After the launch of theID.3it’s his big brotherID.4 who is the ideal candidate for the transformation.

The result ? A ID.5 which uses the same design but sports a sloping rear roofline with a receding pavilion, cut style. Here is this new SUV on trial in its most powerful version, the strong GTX of almost 300 hp!

Design: an ID.4 but in a coupé version!

Outside, Volkswagen has taken over the codes of its first electric SUV, the ID.4, which has already been on the market for a little over a year. But with, this time, a sportier, sloping rear roofline. This flag falling adds dynamism to the design of the ID.4 often considered too austere.

The front bumpers are also slightly reworked and black plastic wheel arches complete the “sporty” look of the ID.5 GTX. On our model, we finally find large 20-inch rims (up to 21″ as an option).

And in fact, what does this “coupé” version change? In addition to the slightly changing design, this “sportback” version very slightly improves the cx of ID.5 which stands at 0,26 (against 0.28 for the ID.4). Enough to gain a few kilometers of autonomy…

At the front: space but perfectible ergonomics

Inside, it’s impossible to be faulted. We are on board an electric vehicle from the ID range. from Volkswagen.

We find the same tiny screen in front of the driver, as well as a 12 inch large screen which sits above the center console.

In terms of materials, it must be admitted that the choice of elements is quite questionable, especially at this price level. We find a mixture of leathers (dark blue with red stitching for all GTX vehicles), glossy black plastics but also of hard plastics (very hard!) on a terminal part of the doors and the dashboard. If the general presentation remains correct, it is, on the whole, difficult to understand Volkswagen’s choices on certain matters.

Ergonomics can be improved does not improve the experience on board, as the brand has relied on extreme simplification. We find the same touch controls et haptics present on vehicles in the ID range. but also on the last Golf 8 (at the steering wheel for example). And it must be recognized that a certain time of adaptation is necessary.

On the other hand, the low number of stalks behind the steering wheel and the absence of buttons on the level of the central console are appreciable. They do not further weigh down the general presentation on board.

Finally, a final remark regarding the personal armrests of the front seats. These are not practical because they are too thin, in addition to looking quite fragile!

At the rear: space even for large riders

This is the part that probably interests us the most about this coupe variant.

For Volkswagen, the challenge was to offer an SUV with a lowered rear roof keeping the same level of habitability as the ID.4.

And the bet is successful! In terms of space for the legs and feet, there is nothing to complain about, we feel comfortable in the back of this ID.5. Same observation at the level of the head, there is room (up to 1m90 it feels good)

On the other hand, this feeling of space is undoubtedly also enhanced by the sunroofpresent on our trial version (charged 1 250€ with the option Pack Design Plus).

A final word about the trunk volumewho proposes 549 liters, which is 6 more than the ID. 4. Nice knack at this level!

At the wheel: top comfort for long journeys

On the narrow roads that criss-cross the Côte d’Azur, our ID.5 evolves on a terrain that is hardly favorable to it on paper.

But in its declension GTX, our large SUV (which weighs more than 2.2 tons) has the Dual Motor. With an electric motor on each axle, the total power reaches the 220 kW. Or the equivalent of 299 horsepower for almost 460 Nm of torque.

On the performance side, Volkswagen announces 6.3 sec at 0 to 100 km/h. Electric requires, the top speed is electronically limited to 180 km / h.

On the highway, we move on the asphalt in a absolute comfort. Just like the excellent ID.4 at this level, the sounds of air are almost inaudible. Same for the rolling noises, which are limited to the maximum. Finally, the controlled suspensions contribute to the general comfort of the ID.5 with a compromise that is rather well found: it is neither too firm nor too flexible.

Hands on the wheel, we feel a fairly precise steeringalthough there is a slight lack of sensations and information due to the heavy weight of the SUV.

In the end, this ID.5 in its GTX version managed to make it almost fun to drive, especially in sport mode. Because yes, with 300 hp under the right foot, this SUV still allows you free acceleration.

Driving pleasure is only better and the 4-wheel drive further improves the handling of the large family SUV.

Autonomy: in the good average of its category

In terms of autonomy and recharging, our ID.5 in GTX version is rather in the good average of its segment.

Our large SUV has a 77 kWh battery, which has a range of 489 km in the WLTP cycle.

According to our measurements from the AutoPlus lab, this goes down to 368 km in real cycle. It is very slightly worse than a Kia EV6 in its highest finish (15 km less). Compared to the queen of the category, the Tesla Model Y Long Rangethere’s no match since the latter goes out after 445 real km.

In terms of recharging, the ID.5 GTX “fills up” with energy in 7h30 from an 11 kW home socket. Note that the SUV allows fast DC charging (up to 150 kW), which makes it possible to regain up to 80% autonomy in less than 30 minutes.

Verdict: a very comfortable SUV with a sporty “look”

On this GTX version, the price announced by Volkswagen is €59,250.

Finally, with this new ID.5, Volkswagen is making us pay dearly for this new coupé look, which, it must be said, does not add much to the ID.4. Because, with more than €3,500 differenceeven with some additional options, the note remains salty.

On the other hand, if you are not too careful about the overall quality of the materials (which is a notch below the competition), and are looking for good habitability with extra comfort in addition to the sporty look, this ID.5 is ideally placed.

Options of the tested model:

  • ‘Rear View’ camera
  • ‘Keyless Access Advanced’ remote keyless entry and closing system
  • ‘Intelligent Park Assist’ with ‘Park Pilot’
  • 12″ central screen with Navigation System ‘Discover Pro’
  • Induction charger and wireless ‘App-Connect’
  • Adaptive and predictive cruise control (ACC)
  • Tinted rear windows
  • Projecteurs IQ.Light – Matrix LED
  • 20″ Ystad’ two-tone silver/black alloy wheels

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