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EPZs may not see the light of day in the end!

Following the results of the legislative elections, the government did not obtain a majority. And projects such as the establishment of ZFEs could therefore be called into question!

That’s it, the results of legislative have fallen. And as much to say it right away, the results are not good for the party « Ensemble » of the government. The presidential coalition therefore did not obtain a majority (245 seats) facing RN (89 seats) or the Nupes (131).

The government will therefore have to compose on a case-by-case basis if it wants to succeed in moving the lines and above all pass laws. A task that will prove difficult as the opposition is powerful and does not intend to give in to Macron. Even the LRs have for the moment shown themselves to be hostile to joining the government coalition.

EPZ debate back on the table

Among the topics of interest to motorists is the one on the implementation of 43 ZFE in total from here 2024. Extremely short deadlines that worry many motorists, who wonder how they will be able to make their daily trips by then. We were talking about it already in this article.

And precisely, this theme had given rise to many debates during the last presidential campaign.

On the left as on the right, the EPZs are debated

On the side of Mélenchon (LFI) as for Marine Le Pen (RN), this measure is considered irresponsible. The leader of France Insoumise judges that she is akin to a ” social separatism “while the president of the National Rally qualifies as” infamy » the banning of diesel or over-aged cars in large cities.

During the presidential campaign, we also remember Xavier Bertrand, spokesperson for Valérie Pécresse, who had mentioned the EPZs in the face of the automotive sector (PFA, Mobilians, the FIEV and the CSIAM). According to him, the establishment of large-scale EPZs within France as well as the banning of diesel vehicles ” would lead us to the yellow vests power 10″.

The RN takes the automotive issue seriously

If the left is not very interested in the automobile question, the RN evokes the subject more.

We remember in particular the declaration of Marine Le Pen on the question of radars at the microphone of RTL in 2014: “ All French people know that radars are not there to prevent accidents but they are there to fill the coffers of the State, that’s it!».

Before continuing: “The radars are put on the roads where they bring in the most, it’s an additional tax. It is therefore an additional tax that we dress up by the fight to save lives”.

Like Jean-Luc Mélenchon and other candidates from the last presidential elections, the president of the RN is also in favor of a renationalization of highways : “We are facing a real spoliation of the French. This will make it possible to lower the price of tolls by 10 to 15%, deliver one and a half billion euros per year to the State budget and thus allow the implementation of land redevelopment policies. »

It remains to be seen whether MPs will have enough leverage to move the lines on the decisive issues for motorists.

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