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Peugeot 408 (2022): engines, interior, prices, photos, all about the new crossover!

Faced with the growing success of SUV coupés and especially of the rival Renault Arkana, Peugeot has decided to react. So here is the Peugeot 408 : un long coupe crossover which is based on the new Peugeot 308. Design, equipment, dimensions, price, we tell you everything in video here :

Peugeot 408: more than a (very) stretched 308

If the Peugeot 408 indeed takes up the platform of the 308, drawing inspiration from it for the style, there is not much left of the sedan. Peugeot announces that 50% of parts are shared, but these are either indoors or technical. Outside, the only common body panel is the hood! And for good reason: the dimensions change completely. With 4,69 m de longthe Peugeot 408 is about thirty centimeters longer than the 308twenty more than a 3008, and almost as long as a 508 sedan!

SUV mode obliges, the ground clearance is raised by 4 cm compared to the 308. Belonging to the category of ” cross-sedans is marked by the plastic protections on the bottom of the front and rear faces and on the wheel arches. For the rest, the line is very elaborate and even more aggressive than on the 308. The light signatures are similar, but many edges and angles come to shape the profile of this Peugeot 408. Behind, a false third window extends the passenger compartment , while the rear window is very inclined. It ends with a prominent spoiler. We notice long rear doors, which suggests a good habitability…

On board the Peugeot 408: record roominess

And indeed, therear seat space is one of the strengths of this Peugeot 408. The Lion brand simply announces the largest knee space of its entire range, SUV included! A promise that seems to be kept, adults can comfortably sit in the back. On the other hand, the ceiling height may be a bit limited if you exceed 1.85 m.

At the front, we find almost exactly the presentation of the latest Peugeot 308. The whole is very structured, with textured aluminum additions to the storm doors and the dashboard. The latter hosts a beautifully crafted screen with a size of 10 inches. Below, we find the Configurable digital i-Toggles

, which allow you to customize shortcuts. The instrument cluster, positioned above the steering wheel as always with Peugeot, also measures 10 inches and has a 3D effect on this GT finish. The level of finish is also quite flattering, but we regret complicated rear visibility by the very plunging rear window.

Finally, the trunk is very roomy with 536 L volume announced for thermal versions, and about 60 L less on plug-in hybrids.

Peugeot 408: prices and engine

In terms of engines, the Peugeot 408 draws heavily on the brand’s classic organ bank. At launch, the crossover will be available in PureTech 130 hp petrol (3 cyl. 1.2L), or in 180 or 225 hp plug-in hybrid. No diesel therefore, but an electric version which should arrive in the next few years.

Finally, Peugeot does not yet communicate on the prices of the 408. The latter should take place in the range between the 308 and the 3008 SUV, and the prices should reflect this fact. So wait for a range (Allure, Allure Pack, GT) which should start around €30,000. See you in early 2023 for the first deliveries.

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