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Honda Civic (2022) test: an all-purpose hybrid

Launched in 1972 by Honda, the Civic celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. A rare longevity in the automotive world, which is explained among other things by Honda’s ability to develop the Civic with the times. From the first small orange compact of 1972, to the latest compact sedan that we present to you, the Civic has always been able to evolve successfully. Whether aesthetically or technologically. A serious development that won over customers since 27.5 million Civics have been sold worldwide since launch (190,000 in France).

But in recent years, sales of the Civic were falling sharply. So Honda decided to take advantage of this 50th anniversary to bring some novelties for the star of its catalog. The Civic is now only equipped with a hybrid engine. Better equipped technologically speaking, this new generation has been designed for riders.

A new exterior design

Visually, this new generation of Civic seems wiser and less sporty than its predecessor. If the Civic is indeed a little less demonstrative aesthetically speaking, it nevertheless retains a certain dynamism. To do this, Honda engineers first lowered the car 3cm (1.41 meters in height). This compensates for the lengthening of the Civic (+3cm long at 4.55 meters). To maintain this share of dynamism on this imposing silhouette, Honda has brought some aesthetic novelties.

On the front first, the Japanese manufacturer lowered the bonnet, reworked the headlights and added a black painted honeycomb grille. We then notice that the engineers have drawn a long line on the body that starts from the middle of the bonnet and ends at the rear headlights. This break makes it possible to increase the visual sensation of dynamism. On the back side, Honda opted for a FastBack design with a fairly pronounced roof drop. The manufacturer reworked the headlights, as well as the size of the tailgate. It should be noted that the diffuser is still present, in order to recall the sporting origins of this model.

A more upscale interior than previous generations

Inside, things are changing too. The Honda Civic is modernized, with in particular the presence of a digital screen split in two placed behind the steering wheel. The latter can be configured and provides information on the navigation or the status of the vehicle. On the dashboard is another 10.2-inch touchscreen, which is responsive and easy to use. The ergonomics of the Civic are successful and the finishes of good quality. If the use of plastic is still important, Honda has clearly revised its level of finish upwards with well-assembled materials.

We also appreciate the presence of Bose speakers that provide optimal audio quality. This new Honda Civic will also be very well equipped with the presence of various driving aids available from the entry level.

Regarding the seats, they are comfortable, even if the seat in the rear seats is a bit low. Chest has a volume of 410 literswhich allows you to install two cabin suitcases without difficulty.

Honda Civic e:HEV, an unprecedented hybrid engine

This is the big novelty on the new Honda Civic. The Japanese manufacturer will market only one hybrid engine on the European market. It’s about e:HEV 2.0 Atkinson direct injection engine with 184hp (315Nm). Everything is accompanied by an e-CVT gearbox with mechanical variator. This is the same technology that already equips the HR-V and CR-V models of the Japanese brand.

A technology which had been criticized because of the noise, too present, of the engine during the phases of acceleration or times. This time, Honda has reworked the mechanical rendering. Apart from a few situations where the engine still sings a little, this new Civic is very quiet

, and above all very dynamic. The air-petrol mixture has been modified, which allows better pick-up thanks to the torque of the car.

Four different driving modes are available (Eco, Normal, Sport and Individual). They make it possible to adapt the engine speed and the charging of the battery. Concretely, the e:HEV technology allows self-charging for the vehicle. The batteries recover the energy deployed during the deceleration and braking phases. The driver will be able to set the intensity of this recharging using the paddles located on either side of the steering wheel. If the system requires a certain grip, it becomes quite easy to use after a few hours of driving.

A car built for the road

This e:HEV technology allows the new Civic to display, according to Honda, a consumption of 4.7l/100km. During our trial period, we can confirm that the consumption of the Civic is close to 5l/100km, whether in town or on the highway. This low consumption is explained by the fact that the electric motor will be mainly used when driving in town, in traffic jams or on national roads. On the motorway, the heat engine will supplement the electric motor when the speed exceeds 100 km/h.

The e:HEV technology also makes it possible to offer a fairly impressive autonomy, with approximately 1,000 kilometers available (close to 840 kilometers in practice). A strong argument in a context where the price of fuel continues to rise.

In terms of driving, this new Honda Civic is very easy to use and very flexible. Lowering the hood allows excellent visibility. The car moves very smoothly in town and on national roads. When you want to activate the sport mode, the Civic knows how to be dynamic and precise in the curves. If it is not a thunderbolt either, the 184hp engine allows good times, and climbs up to 7,500 rpm when requested for a more muscular driving. Versatility that we appreciate. The new Honda Civic is also precise in turns and responsive, despite its 4.55 meters long.

A competitive price in a very competitive market

Price issue, Honda will offer a introductory offer at €29,990 for the start of the marketing of the Civic next October. The admission price will then be displayed at 32 400 €. You should know that the entry-level version will be well equipped. For our test version, with the Advance finish and the sports pack, it will take at least 37,100 €. Honda also offers a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.. Finally, for customers interested in leasing, the Japanese manufacturer will offer LOA financing with the possibility of leaving after 6 months to choose another vehicle from the range.

To sum up, this new Honda Civic is much more modern than previous generations. The good finishes on board, the low consumption of the e:HEV engine and its versatility of use make it a very complete car. If its design is a little wiser, it remains dynamic. Only downside, this continuously variable box which may displease some motorists. Apart from this questionable technology, this car has everything to satisfy customers. We can therefore say that the Civic is doing its fiftieth anniversary rather well.

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