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Christian Von Koenigsegg met en vente sa Toyota Yaris GR

Even though he is known for building the most mind-boggling supercars in the world, Swedish Christian Von Koenigsegg is one of the owners of this Toyota Yaris GR. And last I heard, the king of supercars is putting it up for sale on the Collecting Cars auction site.

We find in the register of owners, the name of Christian von Koeningseggle swedish king of supercars, as the owner of a superb Black Toyota Yaris GR hatchback. She is today for sale on the Collecting Cars auction site. This beautiful car was registered in Sweden in December 2020 and has only 10,730 km on the odometer. Why does he part with this little Japanese bombshell? The 261 CV of this Toyota Yaris GR are not enough for him?

Improved but not too much!

To think that the Swedish designer was able to boost the car so that it reached the 900 CV would have been logical BUT it is not the case! This Yaris badged Gazoo Racing is just magnificent in its peinture Precious Black with the Pack Circuit which adds red brake calipers. These are mounted behind 18 inch alloy wheels.

Although the 3-cylinder engine power may seem a little weak compared to the 1,578 hp of a Jesko Absolutely turbo, this Yaris GR is light and fast. Toyota indicates a 0-100 km/h in 5.5 secondswith an electronically limited speed of 230 km/h.

The European Toyota Yaris GR

Christian von Koenigsegg did not make any changes to the oily parts, just like its second owner. Therefore, the 1.6l 3-cylinder turbocharged engine still develops 261 HP and 360 Nm of torque. This is the case for all European versions of the Toyota GR Yaris. The Japanese engine

is a little more powerful with its 272 hp and 370 Nm of torque. The vehicle is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmissionas well as a all-wheel drive.

How much are buyers willing to shell out for this Yaris GR?

According to the announcement, thecondition of the Yaris GR would be immaculate. The vehicle has only a few traces of gravel, visible due to the black paint. Koenigsegg could have asked his team to hide the traces with a transparent film, but no! No use. These scars testify to the use of the car outside the asphalt!

It is impossible to know how much Christian Von Koenigsegg’s “paternal” connection with this car will influence its price. However, for example, a Yaris GR equipped with the Circuit Pack trades around 40,000 – 45,000 euros. Maybe this is your chance to own a “Koenigsegg” at a low price?

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