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This Breton invented a water engine in the face of fuel prices

The “Eco Water” kit promises up to 20% fuel savings, using water. This is how this water motor works!

The principle of using water for an automobile engine is not new: it was already tested more than a century ago. But in a context where the price of fuel is reaching absolute records, the water engine, or more precisely the hybrid water vapor enginetalk about him again.

Laurent Baltazar invented about ten years ago a kit allowing tosave up to 20% fuel and reduce polluting emissions, simply by using rainwater. This solution was twice awarded at the Leonardo da Vinci competition of the French Federation of Inventors, as well as at the Salon de Provence Inventors Competition in 2013.

Water engine: an incredible success

The current fuel price crisis has enabled the company to fill its order book: more than 1,000 kits are sold each month, and it takes more than 6 months of waiting time for installation. The company’s turnover should also reach one million euros this year.

Faced with this success, Laurent Baltazar is looking for new franchise partners (there are currently around twenty throughout France) to distribute and install his kit, and has announced the opening of a new showroom as well as a recruitment.

Water motor: how does it work?

The “Eco Water” kit is compatible with all combustion engine vehicles: it consists of a frost-resistant water tank and a small catalyst, all of which are placed under the bonnet. The assembly does not require any electrical connection: under the effect of the heat, the water in the tank is transformed into water vapourwhich will be injected into the air intake.

This process, inspired by the Gillier Pantone system, does not modify the operation of the engine, and consumes little water: the founder of the company specifies that the engines operate better when the weather is humid, in rainy or haze. The idea was therefore to inject water vapor to cool and densify the injected air, and thus to make the engine more efficient: the torque is increased, and fuel consumption drops.

Water motor: how much does it cost?

The “Eco L’eau” kit is marketed from 499 euros, while it takes from 1,090 euros for the “all-inclusive” price including installation on a private car. For commercial vehicles, count from 1,290 euros.

According to Laurent Baltazar, in addition to saving fuel, his solution makes it possible to extend the life of parts of the vehicle, such as the DPF, the turbo or the EGR valve, thus generating savings in the long term.

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