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This crazy Nissan Leaf at the start of Pikes Peak!

Pikes Peak, the famous American hill climb, is in full swing. Several teams, official or private, travel to Colorado to test their emission-free car. This year in the midst of battery trackers, a two-door Nissan Leaf with mind-blowing aerodynamics. If her main objective is not to seek victory, what is certain is that she will turn heads in her path.

If the cars present at the most famous hill climb in the world are all as monstrous as each other, this year, the one that will be talked about is this Modified Nissan Leaf. Even though the competition is open to electric vehicles ! Admittedly, this electric hatchback had to undergo some performance upgrades to reach the clouds of Pikes Peak.

Samurai Speed ​​at Pikes Peak with a Nissan Leaf!

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the not-to-be-missed motorsport event is just around the corner. The teams follow one another to unveil their war machine and among them, there is Samurai Speed. This year, the Japanese competition team has decided to send a Nissan Leaf to face the curves of the hill climb. Even if no mechanical information has been communicated, we know that it will not be the original version. Can you imagine, you, the little Japanese, its 217 hp engine and its 62 kWh battery climbing to the top?

Indeed, for the Pikes Peak 2022 edition, Samurai Speed ​​has armed a Leaf with aerodynamic components so that the downforce is higher. The Leaf is equipped with an imposing spoiler, skirts, a prominent diffuser, as well as a gigantic spoiler.

An unusual Nissan Leaf

This Nissan Leaf is not just an ordinary version with aerodynamic elements. Indeed, other changes have also been made: a transformation of the electric car into a two-door vehicle.

While the company didn’t mention any performance figures for its tracker, it did say, “use the knowledge gained through the experience of participating in the race, focusing on weight reduction


Takashi Oi will be at the wheel of this impressive Nissan Leaf. Concerning its personalized dressing, it is theCalifornia company AV Custom Wraps who took care of it.

A great place for electric cars

Electric cars have been taking part in the famous American hill climb for a few years now. The first participation of an electric car in Pikes Peak dates back to the 80s. And let’s not forget that the record has been held since 2018 by an electric car, a Volkswagen. That year, driven by Romain Dumas, the VW ID. R “farted” a time of 7’57″148.

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Hoonigan posted a video on his YouTube channel that shows Hoonipigasus in the middle of a readiness test at Pueblo Motorsports Park for the international Pikes Peak race.

For the needs of Pikes Peak 2021, Bentley Motorsport is collaborating with the private company FastR to prepare an extraordinary Continental GT3, which will be entered in the Time Attack 1 category.

As part of a research project on autonomous mobility services in the UK, an autonomous Nissan Leaf is successfully tested in London.

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