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Skoda “hacks” youtubers to advertise!

To show up against the competition, Skoda has decided to embed itself directly in the tests of youtubers!

In these difficult times for the automotive industry, brands are competing in imagination to get noticed. We remember, for example, Citroën who openly makes fun of his car, or Renault who steals Peugeot’s historic place at Roland-Garros. This time, it’s up to Skoda to push the envelope, but maybe a bit far for some…

Indeed, Skoda, via the Track DDB agency, has embedded in the videos of automotive youtubers. Literally. In collaboration with the latter (Vlog Cars Passion, Mécanique Sportive, Le Billet Auto), the manufacturer has indeed earned a place of choice… In the midst of tests of competing cars.

The competition line of sight

While the YouTubers in question are trying competing models of the new Skoda Fabia (Peugeot 208, Renault Clio and Citroën C3), we see, in the background, billboards highlighting the little Czech. Coincidence? Not really. Indeed, the project of hacking video of Skoda consists in modifying old tests of these youtubers to integrate, in synthetic images, these advertising panels. The old essays have been unpublished from the YouTube channels, and replaced by modified versions.

“Shouldn’t we have a little test? »

Practical, synthetic images: the panels can therefore display tailor-made messages, adapted to the key moments of the videos in question. Speaking of the Peugeot 208 counters, we notice a sign saying “New Skoda Fabia: virtual cockpit on board”. At the end of the test Citroën C3, we read “wouldn’t we have a little try, you and me? », and, during that of the Renault Clio, « so like that, are you looking for a car? “.

An approach that will probably make some people tick. Moreover, most of the comments of the videos evoke above all the publicity stunt of Skoda, and more really the tests in themselves… The wink being sometimes a little strong, it therefore does not really go unnoticed, which is a good ethical thing. Especially since the channels in question have taken care to specify that their videos are sponsored by Skoda. But admit that getting stuck in competition tests was daring… And to top it all off, Skoda describes its campaign with a touch of humour: “to put ourselves forward, we chose to stay behind”!

Not sure, however, that competing manufacturers see the maneuver with a good eye…

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