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Nissan Ariya (2022): Nissan’s new electric flagship

It is a vehicle that Nissan defines as the new flagship of its electric range. The Ariya is finally here, two years after its presentation. An expectation partly due to the significant shortage of semiconductors which affects all manufacturers.

With the Ariya, Nissan inaugurates a whole new generation of electric vehicles, 11 years after the success of the Leaf. The Japanese brand has installed the brand new plateforme CMF-EV, a platform that will now be available for electric vehicles from the Renault-Nissan Alliance. This vehicle represents the electric future of the brand, and all the Japanese technological knowledge, since the Ariya will be assembled in theultra-modern factory in Tochigi, Japan.

With this SUV, everything has been thought out to offer a high-tech and attractive vehicle. A car that will have a lot to do since the competition is already tough in the electric SUV segment, with as main concurrent the Volkswagen ID.4, Skoda Enyaq or Hyundai Ioniq 5 to name but a few.

A futuristic and audacious design

Nissan wanted to offer its customers an electric SUV with a timeless design. The Ariya therefore presents a very assertive look, with a size that seems imposing at first glance. However, the dimensions of this car remain very reasonable. The Ariya measures 4.59 meters long1.85 meters wide and 1.66 meters high.

Among the stylistic subtleties brought by the Japanese brand, we find first of all a unique grille at Nissan. Enlarged and muscular, the latter is decorated with japanese traditional patterns. The wing-shaped headlights add dynamism to this grille. Regarding the rear face, we can see a fairly plunging trunk drop, which again gives a dynamic effect to car silhouette. The rear lights run the full width of the body. And the brand name is badged in metallic letters between each light.

The Ariya is also equipped with 19″ or 20″ rims depending on the version. The wheel arches may be painted black and the two-tone metallic paint will be available as an option price of €1,200.

In general, the bold and futuristic design of the Ariya makes this model stand out from its competitors on the market.

An ultra-modern interior

Inside, Nissan offers a very refined atmosphere with the presence of two imposing 12.3″ screens each. Configurable on several points, the different elements are arranged as a widget, like what we find on modern smartphones. Easy to learn and responsive, the Ariya’s infotainment system is certainly one of the most complete available on the market today. Small downside, however, the GPS system may lack responsiveness when you follow a route, the map sometimes having trouble anticipating crossroads or intersections. A detail that will quickly be forgotten if you have the head-up display.

Among the other interesting technological innovations on board, sliding center console. The latter, equipped with an electric motor, will provide more space for the rear passengers, and will allow a optimal comfort for front passengers. Last gadget that we appreciated, a small glove box with electric opening hidden under the dashboard. It will allow you to store valuables safely.

Regarding the general interior appearance, the Ariya is virtually flawless, whether for the choice of materials used or the quality of finish. Our trial version with the Evolve finish offers quality seat upholstery, numerous comfort accessories, and the latest generation Bose speakers.
Regarding the rear seats, passengers will have room. Legroom is very generous, and despite the sloping rear roof drop, there will be enough headroom.

As for the trunk, the Ariya will have a volume of 468 liters in standard configuration. For the four-wheel-drive version, this volume will be reduced to 415 liters due to the presence of the additional electric motor at the rear wheels.

Several choices of engines


The Nissan Ariya will be available in two versions, with a choice in version two-wheel drive and a 4×4 version (which will have, among other things, e-4ORCE technology).

Regarding the two-wheel drive version, two battery sizes will be available. One of 63 kWh with 160 kW of power (218hp), and one of 87 kWh with 170 kW of power (242hp).

For the four-wheel drive version, a single 87 kWh battery will be available. Three power levels will be displayed with a 213 kW (290hp), 225 kW (305hp) version and up to 290 kW (395hp) for the Performance Eforce version.

Regarding autonomy, Nissan announces a range of between 400 kilometers for the 63 kWh batteryat 530 kilometers for the 87 kWh battery (hors version e-4ORCE).

For recharging, it will take at least 3h30 on a wallbox at home to recharge the vehicle to 100%. It will be necessary 30 minutes of charging on a quick plug to reach 80% autonomy.

The Ariya, easy and smooth to drive

First feeling that comes to us when we get behind the wheel of the Ariya, its ease of handling. Despite an imposing size, the Ariya is very easy to drive, very flexible. A feeling that now characterizes new vehicles from Nissan. The Japanese manufacturer wishes to offer its customers responsive, safe and easy to use cars.

If the Ariya is very flexible and very agile in town or on the road, it is however not a very dynamic vehicle. At least with regard to our two-wheel drive test version with the 66 kWh battery. Despite the electric motorization, the covers are sometimes a little sluggish, and unconvincing acceleration. A feeling that will quickly be erased with the four-wheel drive version.

Despite this lack of dynamism, the Ariya stands out as a very good road car, even on the highway. Despite several segments of road at 110 km/h, autonomy is not particularly affected. The 400 kilometers (WLTP) announced by Nissan for our test version are quite realistic, since we estimated our autonomy of 370 kilometers in practice.

This autonomy, combined with the GPS which will be able to find the nearest charging stations, will make it possible toconsider long journeys with serenity.

Competitive rates

Regarding the pricing of this electric SUV, Nissan is in the market range for this type of vehicle. The entrance fee is displayed at €47,400 for the two-wheel drive version 66 kWh in Advance finish. The highest price will be €61,900 for the Performance e-4ORCE version.

Prices slightly higher than the Volkswagen ID.4 (€43,000), Skoda Enyaq (€37,930) or Hyundai Ioniq 5 (€44,000). But the Ariya will be better motorized at the entry level and better equipped than its competitors. This makes it competitive in terms of prices. Orders are already available on the Nissan site and the first deliveries will take place by the end of the summer.

With the Ariya, Nissan offers a complete and very serious product. This electric SUV has few flaws. Its bold and futuristic design can however be considered divisive.

Despite state-of-the-art technology, the Ariya also remains very close to its competitors in terms of performance. In an already extremely competitive market, it will therefore be interesting to observe the place that this newcomer will manage to make for itself. With the main threat, the electric Renault Scénic planned for 2024, which will have the same platform, and certainly new technologies.

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