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Mercedes EQE test (2023): an EQS at a discount?

With the large EQS sedan, Mercedes had struck a blow. XXL autonomy, royal comfort, spaceship technologies… A real message sent to the forces present like, randomly, Tesla. And at the time of decline yet another EQ range already well supplied, Mercedes decided to call on its flagship to create theSKIP.

As its name suggests, this sedan 4,95 m de long is the electric counterpart of the E-Class. But, technically, it has nothing to do with the latter. The look, all in big curves cut for the aero, is very close to the EQS, and the platform is the same. The EQE is still shorter by around thirty centimeters, with a wheelbase reduced to a still substantial 3,12 m.

Mercedes EQE interior: still luxury and techno!

And inside, the filiation is also obvious, with an almost identical dashboard. NoHyperscreen on the other hand: the gigantic display cluster is only available (optional) on the edgy EQE 53 AMG variant. Our car of the day is therefore equipped with a 12.3-inch instrument cluster, which is also very complete and configurable at will. In the middle, a large 12.8-inch screen brings together the majority of functions, with air conditioning shortcuts always positioned in the same place, above a strip of buttons allowing easier navigation throughout.

This screen, which is easy to read and performs well, includes functions specific to this 100% electric modellike a journey planner taking into account the range and available charging stations.

Moreover, the level of finish, if it does not reach the heights of the EQS, is rather flattering, and above all up to the entry ticket. The dashboard is made of a beautiful piece of wood, and the plastics are rather rare at the front. We find there all the same some slight flaws, including an imperfect assembly on the top of the storm doors or unfelted pockets. Too bad when the cabin of the EQE is also very quiet!

Lodging rear seats, but very disappointing trunk…

In the rear seats, the available space logically follows from the very long wheelbase. The older ones will have no problem storing their legs… But, surprise, the space under the ceiling is more limited. Those over 1.85 are likely to hit. Too bad for a large family also sometimes used as a taxi…

Same thing on the side of the trunk, another disappointment on board the Mercedes EQE: it is small (430L only), and moreover not very accessible since it does not open via a tailgate like on the EQS.

At the wheel: comfort above all!

But returning to the driver’s seat of the Mercedes EQE, these few hassles pass into the background. Like the big sister EQS, driving is very relaxed. No question of dynamism or excessive performance. With 292 hp for just under 2400 kg, our 350+ version is neither a star dancer nor a sprinter. But we never miss in the reminders, and the whole remains fun to lead If you feel like it. Just don’t rush it, or expect too much from the brakes. The pedal is indeed confusing. Regeneration on lifting the foot, which can be managed automatically by the car but without ever reaching the “one-pedal” (too bad), influences the position of the pedal and its consistency. This does not always inspire confidence.

But in more classic conditions for this grand tourer, we benefit from a very high level of comfort. Damping, managed on our trial version by a optional air suspension

, plays the flying carpets and erases with pleasure the roughness of the road. The noise is also very well managed, even if we hear a little more turbulence than on the EQS. Semi-autonomous driving is very capable and gentle, and can handle freeway overtaking. Finally, the head-up display includes all the important information including the entire GPS map. If you get lost, you did it on purpose!

What autonomy for the Mercedes EQE?

And in town, despite its extraordinary size, the Mercedes EQE is (almost) like a fish in water. It is mainly thanks to steering rear wheels, which, optionally, can be rotated up to 10°. Bluffing: it is then believed to turn on the spot, while passers-by are surprised to see the tires come out so much of the wheel arches. And for the most risky maneuvers, the multiple cameras very well placed and of beautiful definition help you to always keep an eye on the situation.

In short, it only remains for us to raise two often thorny questions for electric cars: therange and price. For the first point, the battery ofabout 90kWh is announced for 626 km according to the WLTP cycle. Driving the EQE, we noticed a average consumption of around 20 kWh/100 kmwhich would give an autonomy ofenviron 450 km. Honorable but no more, but we will not fail to have everything checked by Labo Auto Plus.

Verdict: a saving stroke?

The price, it is considered from two angles. With a price set from €83,000 for our Mercedes EQE 350+ AMG Line, we save several tens of thousands of euros compared to an EQS that is nevertheless relatively close. But, facing a BMW i4 or an Audi e-tron GT, the addition is rather salty. Let us simply conclude by saying that, for the time being, the EQE has no real equivalent direct. More comfortable and less fun than an i4 or an e-tron GT, more luxurious than a Tesla Model S but with less autonomy, it’s not easy to navigate.

But the whole is very convincing. just regret options policyrather of the aggressive type, and the small trunk which will not fail to make taxi drivers complain who would be tempted to replace their E-Class for an EQE.

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