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An unusual campaign to dissuade internal combustion cars from occupying charging stations

In Germany, the police want to fight against thermal cars that park on charging stations. For this, she is launching an amazing campaign.

If you own an electric car or have ever driven one, you have probably already had to go to a charging station. And what could be more irritating than seeing a thermal car parked there, when there is space everywhere else and the terminals are already taken by storm? Unfortunately, this practice is very common. Lazy to walk when charging stations are often near store entrances? Or simply activism against electric cars? Anyway, it’s still a very unpleasant situation, against which the public authorities do not really do much. In France at least, because in Germanyit’s not really the same song, and even the police decided to take the problem head on.

A brand new campaign

On its Twitter account, the Bavarian police department has indeed published an astonishing photo, showing a helicopter parked in a charging area. She then explains that practicing terminal blocking, also known as ICEing, is a nuisance. It also reminds you that you should only sit on them when you need to recharge your vehicle. Because it is also common to see electric or hybrid cars

parked in reserved places, when they are not in charge. The tweet also reminds us that it is important to free up the space when the charge is complete, which unfortunately many drivers do not do.

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Occupancy penalties

Fortunately for those waiting behind, most manufacturers have a penalty system in place. Specifically, if you stay plugged in too long after charging is complete, you have to pay an additional amount, as occupancy charges. These are then calculated per kW or per minute, and it can go very, very quickly. It is therefore recommended to take a regular look at your application or your vehicle and unplug it as soon as the charge is finished to avoid any problem.

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