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Test: the Opel Astra faces the Peugeot 308!

Since the acquisition of Opel by PSA, now Stellantis, the Blitz brand is recovering more and more pieces from its new French family. It is now the turn of the Astra sedan to pass into the Stellantis fold: it recovers the platform of the Peugeot 308. And by the way, its prices are inflated… Is it now too close to the 308, or does its progress justify a new positioning? Answer in our comparison between two false binoculars, on video :

Germanic rigor against divisive i-Cockpit

If, on the outside, very similar proportions recall the relationship between the Opel Astra and the Peugeot 308, this is much less the case indoors. Indeed, the French camped on its positions, with a futuristic i-Cockpit architecture, but not everyone will like it. On the other hand, difficult to fault the level of finish, clearly a notch above that of its German counterpart. The materials are qualitative, the assemblies meticulous, and the design always throws as much. We also find two 10-inch screens, including the handset which is displayed in 3D on this GT finish. Under the central screen, a band of configurable shortcuts keeps frequently used functions handy, convenient.

On the Opel side, we are more in the sober and efficient, brand image requires. The whole is necessarily a little sadder, and some plastics disappoint. But the ergonomics are better thought out and more traditional, with two screens at the same level joined in a band, named Pure Panel at Opel. The Astra also benefits from a head-up display, unlike its French cousin.

At the back, it’s white bonnet and white bonnet, and that’s a shame. The space is quite limited, and the absence of glazed surfaces does not help feeling of space, even if on this point the Opel does a little better. Same thing for the trunk, which is nibbled away on both models by the batteries of the rechargeable hybrid engine. Volume : 313 liters for both.

On the road: the unbeatable Peugeot 308 in terms of pleasure

On the road, the two cars are logically close. Nevertheless, true to its Germanic reputation, the Opel Astra is a bit drier

, without really gaining momentum. It must be said that the Peugeot 308 remains a benchmark for the comfort/dynamism compromise, with very finely tuned damping. It certainly does not have the unique qualities of its predecessor in turns, especially in the plug-in hybrid version with 300 kg more on the scale, but it scores a point against the Opel.

A point that it loses, curiously, in terms of performance and consumption, measured by our Lab Auto Plus. With 7.2 L/100 km on average once the battery is drained, it consumes 0.4 L/100 km than its first cousin. Strange, the two engines being strictly identical on paper. Same thing for performance, even if it’s more anecdotal: 8.2s on the 0 to 100 km / h for the French, against 7.8s for the German.

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Verdict : photo finish… En concession !

In short, you will understand, these two cars are very close on many points. We cannot transform an almost identical technical base! However, each one knows how to stand out, and has its advantages and disadvantages. The Peugeot is certainly more flattering inside, but its particular ergonomics will not suit everyone. The Opel Astra is certainly slightly more economical on a daily basis, but does not have the road talents of its French counterpart.

As often, the justice of the peace will therefore be the prize. And there, watch out for the trap. Indeed, the Opel Astra seems more expensive than the Peugeot 308 with an equivalent finish (Ultimate against GT) and on the same engine (180 hp PHEV here), with 43,700 € against 42,650 €. But once the different options have been agreed between them, the Peugeot becomes much more expensive with equivalent equipment: 48 009 € for the 308 against 44 940 € for the Astra. The latter therefore wins this comparison.

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