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With its new range of iON tires specially designed for electric vehicles, Hankook wants to go even further in optimizing performance. Focused on innovation, the brand has developed this range of tyres, without compromise, based on artificial intelligence or the application of a new industrialization process.

The booming electric vehicle market

Since 2020, the market for electric vehicles is experiencing real growth in France. With 110 911 registrations that year and 162 106 the following year, the electric vehicle now occupies a significant place in the overall sales of the automotive sector.

And since the EU enacted the end of the sale of new thermal cars by 2035, the transition is more than ever underway. On the manufacturer side, the catalogs had to expand to meet demand.

So that today there is an offer very rich for consumers : Tesla, Volkswagen ID.3 & 4, Hyundai Kona, Porsche Taycan, Renault Zoé & Mégane E-Tech, gamme EQ chez Mercedes, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Audi e-tron, BMW i4, etc…

According to the various projections available, the electric vehicle market will be mainly composed of premium and top-of-the-range models within the next few years. By 2028, according to the research institute IHSthe sales share of premium sedans and large sedans is even expected to reach close to 80% of global sales electric vehicles.

But who says market evolution, also says evolution of equipment for electric vehicles…

Hankook iON: a new range of tires designed for electric vehicles

As for the equipment manufacturers, they also had to adapt to the growing demand. Especially when it comes to tires.

At present, a large part of the tires fitted to electric vehicles, if not all, share the same characteristics as those dedicated to internal combustion vehicles. Problem: electric vehicles have different constraints and needs. Problems to which tires for thermal vehicles do not respond optimally. There is therefore a card to play to solve the users of electric vehicles.

In this context, Hankook presents a new range of tires specially dedicated to these zero-emission vehicles!

This brand new range Hankook iON is a revolution for the electric vehicle. It offers a tailor-made solution, specially designed for zero-emission vehicles.

To round things off, the iON range offers wide dimensional coverage with a summer version and another dedicated to winter conditions.

Summer tires iON evo et iON evo SUV have obtained a triple A grade with European labeling on more than 50% of its offer, and are perfectly adapted to the requirements of daily use. These are uncompromising tires that offer excellent road holding on dry and wet surfaces, optimal acoustic comfort, while improving battery life thanks to very low rolling resistance.


For winter conditions, Hankook offers tires iON Winter et iON Winter SUV. The promise of these winter tyres, a first on the market, remains the same. Namely excellent road holding, optimal acoustic comfort, while improving battery life thanks to low rolling resistance.

The iON range, specially designed for electric vehicles (sedans, sports sedans, compact SUVs and large SUVs), is available from 18 at 22 inches. This is an uncompromising offer on performance.

The best of both worlds thanks to artificial intelligence

For the design of a conventional tire, the manufacturing process is often forced into certain compromises. For example, sound comfort can be impacted when looking for good performance on wet ground.

For this range of iON tyres, Hankook relied on artificial intelligence to design a optimal and uncompromising pneumatics. For this, the firm has carried out numerous experiments using algorithmstesting the tire in all possible conditions.

Thus, the iON tires succeed, for example, in offering perfect road holding, while reducing rolling resistance, thus improving battery life. An uncompromising range.

Why do electric vehicles need specific tyres?

An electric vehicle is fundamentally different from a thermal vehicle. Different vehicle, different tyre!

With its new iON range, Hankook started from scratch and developed a range specially designed for electrics. It therefore offers the best of technology in terms of road holding, adhesionof longevity and of low rolling resistance all with a optimal acoustic comfort.

Road holding and longevity are particularly important for electric vehicles because they are on average 20 to 30% heavier than thermal models.

Thanks to these innovative tyres, the autonomy of your battery is also extended and you will be able to travel more kilometers than with tires not designed for your electric vehicle.

Hankook, a player in innovation and sustainable mobility

Hankook is a forerunner in the market. Indeed, the company has invested massively in R&D and in its infrastructures to design a range of tires 100% dedicated to electric vehicles with, in particular, a major innovation on the market: the first winter tire developed for electric vehicles.

Hankook is also an important player in the sustainable mobility. The group has also received the “S&P Global Gold Class 2022” award for its commitment to sustainable development.

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