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Mercedes: plug-in hybrid models compatible with Plug & Charge

To simplify the recharging of its electrified, plug-in hybrid and 100% electric models, Mercedes is rolling out the Plug & Charge function on its vehicles.

Initially launched on the 100% electric Mercedes EQS and EQE, the function Plug & Charge is an authentication option that makes it easier to recharge and pay, as it is no longer necessary to authenticate using a recharge card or an application.

Now the plug-in hybrid vehicles from the German brand will also be compatible with this function. Mercedes is indeed one of the first car manufacturers to deploy this function on plug-in hybrid models, and wishes to make this authentication option available to as many people as possible.

Plug & Charge at Mercedes: a software update

To benefit from this new simple charging solution, all customers who already drive a Mercedes C-Class or S-Class plug-in hybrid can perform a remote software update (OTA), which will install the necessary certificates in the vehicle.

Compatible plug-in hybrid vehicles must have a direct current (DC) charging system, available as an option. The Plug & Charge service then appears in the services menu, and the customer can activate it whenever he wishes. The new models in the Mercedes range also benefit from the Plug & Charge function as soon as they leave the factory : this is the case of the new GLC SUV.

Plug & Charge at Mercedes: how does it work?

First, customers must register their charging contract in Mercedes Me Charge, in order to be able to activate the function. Then, when the charging station is compatible with the Plug & Charge function, just plug in the vehicle thanks to a charging cable: the current flows automatically, and there is no need to authenticate beforehand.

In practice, the vehicle communicates with the charging station using the ISO 15118 standard, which guarantees the security of exchanges. The vehicle and the charging station must both be compatible with this standard in order to be able to offer Plug & Charge.

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Plug & Charge at Mercedes: more than 2,500 compatible charging points

In Europe, Plug & Charge is available in more than 1,800 quick charge points of the network Ionitybut also in the 700 points fast charging Aral pulse in Germany. Other charging operators should join the initiative later, in partnership with Mercedes.

To locate a Plug & Charge compatible station, simply use the car’s on-board GPS navigation system, or the Mercedes Me application: a precise indication whether the station is indeed compatible, and it is possible to display only Plug & Charge compatible stations.

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