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DS7 2022 test: French excellence

It’s time for a restyling for the DS7 in this fall of 2022. Launched commercially in 2018, the Premium brand’s SUV quickly won over customers for its chic design and high-end finishes. A very important vehicle for the French manufacturer, since the DS7 represents almost 1 out of 2 sales within the French brand.

For the start of the 2022 school year, DS has decided to modernize its SUV and bring in some new features. If aesthetically speaking, this new DS7 evolves discreetly, it turns out to be even more comfortable and even better finished than the first generation. We make you discover today in our test the Performance Line + version equipped with the E-Tense 4×4 360 engine. To discover in video.

A slightly redesigned design

Two parts of the car have been modified. First the front side. DS first installed a big novelty with the presence of the new DS Light Veil. These vertical headlights, designed using new technology, are intended to accentuate the light signature of the DS7. The Matrix Led flashing lights will be installed on the exterior optics of these vertical headlights. We also find the Pixel Led Vision 3.0 headlights. They feature advanced technology that will allow for the best possible illumination at night, with 5 different brightness modes that will adapt to the driving environment. It will be noticed that the headlights have been lengthened and refined to soften the silhouette of this DS7.

Another new feature is the new grille with a Clous de Paris pattern finish. A grille which has been widened and which will be painted black on the top-of-the-range finishes.

The other aesthetic novelties are located on the rear face. As at the front, DS has reworked the headlights. They have also been thinned and lengthened, and the tortoiseshell finish has been accentuated. The name also changes since the name “Crossback” disappears. This is now the name « DS Automobiles » who is engraved in full between the rear headlights. There too for immediate recognition of this car. Note that the trunk line has been slightly reworked. It brings more dynamism to the DS7. We still find the chrome exhaust outlets.

Finally, DS offers brand new rims for this DS7 2022. Entry-level models will have 19-inch wheels and models with the finishes will be equipped with the new Brooklyn rims 21 inches.

DS7, an even more chic interior

Inside, things change little, but everything is a little better. We find everything that makes the ds universe charm with very neat finishes and very good quality materials. There is nothing to complain about the quality of assembly and the choices made by DS. We still find these original cuts, specific to the DS brand, on the central screen and the ventilation grilles. Our E-Tense Performance version features a vertical dial BRM watch rotary that will be installed on the dashboard.

If the visual aspect hardly changes, technologically, the DS7 is modernized. The French manufacturer has installed its brand new Iris infotainment system there. We find this on the very beautiful 12-inch central screen. This Iris system will allow a very customizable display, it will work on the principle of smartphones with the presence of several different widgets. Behind the wheel, you will also find a customizable digital screen that will provide all the navigation data.

Regarding the seat in the rear seats, it remains very good. If the seats are a little firm, we remain well installed and several storage spaces and USB sockets are available for passengers. The chest will offer a minimum volume of 550 liters.

Only downside for our trial version of the day, the lack of sportiness inside of this Performance Line + version. The Deep Black Alcantara interior can also look a bit dull.

New hybrid engines

For this new DS7, the French manufacturer is reducing the choice of engine in its range, with a diesel combustion engine and a hybrid-rechargeable engine. DS first offers a 130hp BlueHdi diesel version. Come next 3 other hybrid engines. They are equipped with a 180hp PureTech engineand a battery of 14.2kWh capacity. The first two hybrid versions will have a power of 225 and 300hp. The third will be a Performance E-Tense 4×4 360hp version equipped with a 200hp PureTech engine. Regarding hybrid engines, DS announces consumption of less than 2l/100 km.

But in practice, this DS7 consumes more, even in hybrid mode. Electric autonomy is, for its part,about 50 kilometerseven if the manufacturer announces 62 in the WLTP cycle.

A smooth ride that delights

As for its smooth ride, the DS7 maintains this feeling and is very comfortable. The steering is very smooth, although a little soft at times. But this DS7 is as agile in town as it is on the roads, which makes it a very pleasant car in everyday life, and the center of gravity has also been lowered, which means that the car remains very stable when cornering and on winding roads.

This new DS7 is also equipped with new adaptive suspensions that will react according to the driving style of the driver. Here too, the result is convincing. The car adapts quite well to the road and can take turns with great efficiency.

Regarding electric and hybrid driving, this new DS7 also offers a serious rendering. The ReGenScore function also optimizes braking to effectively regenerate the battery. This function was notably developed in collaboration with the Formula E driverJean-Eric Vergne.

Our trial version of the day also offers a 4-wheel drive engine associated with a 360 horsepower engine block and brakes developed by DS Performance. Unprecedented sports characteristics for the DS7. In practice, the SUV offers great acceleration. The 4-wheel drive ensures excellent traction. Braking is a little less precise. The flexibility of the car and the good times of the latter sometimes make us forget that we are on board an SUV. The DS7 still weighs almost 2 tons. It will therefore be necessary to anticipate the braking a little to avoid being surprised.

Last apparent defect, the gearbox. If the latter is flawless in town and on the roads, this is less the case on the mountain roads where we were able to carry out our test. The gearbox was sometimes hesitant and a bit noisy.

Higher rates

The prices of this new DS7 are necessarily on the rise, especially with the arrival of rechargeable hybrid engines. The SUV is available at a price of €45,800 for the BlueHdi 130 diesel engine and Bastille finish. Regarding the plug-in hybrid versions, prices then fluctuate between €55,000 and €76,000 (excluding options), depending on the engines chosen.
DS also offers a limited edition called ” The first one “ at a price of €78,400. This version will be offered with all the options present in the DS7 range.

Regarding our trial version, it appears more than €76,000 with options and the E-Tense 4×4 360 engine.


In conclusion, we note that DS does not take not too much risk in the evolution of his DS7. But after all, why change a recipe that works. The manufacturer offers a Very comfortable SUV, particularly well finished and pleasant to drive. This new DS7 ticks almost all the boxes and now plays in the yard of Premium or even luxury SUVs on the market. Regarding the sporting details, we are still far from competitors such as Mercedes AMG, Audi RS or BMW M, but this new DS7 provides good feelings.

Ultimately only the price can be obvious. Admittedly, the price is high, but it corresponds to the level of finish displayed and the options available. The competition is not cheaper by far. This DS7 therefore remains competitive.

With this restyling, associated with the new hybrid engines, we can say that DS is quite successful in modernizing its SUV.

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Technical sheet trial version:

  • Version : E-Tense 4×4 360
  • Finish: Performance Line +
  • Prix : 69 800 €
  • Bonus : 0 €
  • Engine type: Plug-in hybrid
  • CV : 11
  • Battery: 14.2 kWh
  • Power: 360 hp
  • Couple : 520 Nm
  • Fuel: Hybrid / Gasoline
  • Transmission : 4×4
  • Gearbox: 8-speed automatic
  • WLTP autonomy: 62 km in all-electric mode
  • Autonomy AP: –
  • Accel constr : 5,6 s
  • Accel AP : –
  • Length: 4.59m
  • Width: 1.90m
  • Height: 1.62m
  • Poids constr : 1 960 kg
  • AP weight: –

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